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The First Video Look Inside The Boring Company's Las Vegas Loop

This morning Elon Musk's Boring Company revealed the first look at the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop’s site for its “tunnel rave” party. That's how The Boring Company called the short clip: "Tunnel Rave."

Based on a short clip of the site that the Boring Company posted on Twitter, the LVCC Loop’s stations will most definitely have a futuristic vibe, complete with neon lights and what seems to be an impressive sound system.

As I am looking at the comment sunder The Boring Company's clip, one question stood out. "Elon will FSD take advantage of boring tunnels by itself?' asked a user named Michael Hsu.

I don't think the Tesla FSD will take advantage of the Boring Tunnel, but I think down the road in several years it may be and not only in Las Vegas but around the country in other Boring Tunnels.

Here is another interesting question from a user, named SteveSans. He asks, "Elon, will it be possible for an early StarShip unmanned mission to send a boring machine and an orbiting mineralogy scanning satellite to work together autonomously to scan the planet and direct the boring machine, to create habitation zones, and to process the ore."

Another person, named Tero Pilspala, replies writing, "It can be sent, but technology is nowhere near to be fully autonomous. Current machines can't work on a vacuum or near-vacuum either. Powerful motors generate lots of heat and it is difficult to dissipate. There are many other problems too."

The Boring Company promises to circulate Tesla vehicles without drivers in its tunnels. Speeding at 150 mph, these vehicles will transport their passengers from the Las Vegas Strip to the Convention Center. The goal is to unblock the streets and make access events faster. After finalizing its first tunnel, the company also mentioned a future larger network connecting to the city and the airport in Las Vegas.

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