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The 2020 C8 Corvette Ride Height Can Be Adjusted In A Similar Way To Previous Generation Corvettes

One of the first mods that most Corvette owners do is turn the bolt on the composite leaf spring to eliminate or reduce unsightly wheel gap. With the C8 Corvette it is still possible to do this even though the composite leaf spring is not making an appearance with this generation Corvette.
Posted: September 11, 2019 - 11:08PM
Author: Justin Nohe

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Every Corvette ever made looks just as good sitting still as it does in motion but for those of you out there that want it to look even sportier (like myself) cranking down the leaf spring bolts to drop the car an inch or so will satisfy that itch. Wheel gap has always been the enemy of the sports car and the Corvette is no exception. Of course, doing this comes with a price and that is ground clearance. When the car sits lower, sure it looks better, but it is also more likely you're going to bust up your shiny expensive front splitter.

It's not usually a huge concern for most, it just means driving more aware. Let's face it, the majority of the time you spend looking at your car it's not in motion so the better it looks sitting still the better it looks period.

Lowering The 2020 C8 Corvette

So now that we've discussed the ability to lower the past generation cars what about the C8 Corvette? It doesn't have composite leaf springs any longer so surely the ability to lower it by cranking a bolt or two is gone, right? Well, no it isn't. The 2020 C8 Corvette uses a coil over system which is more comparable to most current day cars suspension systems with one small exception and that is, the ability to lower the car.

Basically the coil over setup on the C8 Corvette gives you the ability to turn a ring that sits below the typical spring setup on the strut to in turn lower the ride height. I know when I first read this I was very excited to see that such an option would still be there for us die hard fans of minimal wheel gap. Now this, of course, comes with a cavaet.

What C8 Corvette Trims Can And Can Not Be Lowered?

Of course, not all of the C8 Corvette models can be lowered but of course, good news such as this can't come without some sort of downside. So here's the scoop:

The adjustable spring seats are only available on the Z51 optioned Corvettes. You can't adjust the ride height on a non-Z51 C8 Corvette.

So, basically the Z51 you can lower and the base model you can not lower.

This photo shows the adjustable spring seat that allows almost two full inches of adjustment to the ride height via a coilover system:

2020 C8 Corvette CoiloverThe adjustable spring seats on a Z51 optioned Corvette are identical regardless of whether or not you order Magnetic Ride Control and they are adjusted manually in the same way as well.

This just means the car can be lowered whether you chose the magnetic ride upgrade or not. As long as it's a Z51 it won't matter if you elected to have the mag ride option.

If you option the Z51 C8 Corvette with the Front Lift System, you can not adjust the front ride height using the adjustable spring seats. You will only be able to adjust the back spring seats because the lift system replaces the adjustable spring seats on the front of the car.

This is the big caveat. It basically means if you decide to get the front end lift system then you won't be able to adjust the ride height. You can still adjust the rear but that's not a good look.

The C8 Corvette is definitely going to be a supercar killing machine and just like I said in my previous article, 5 Features That Make The 2020 C8 Corvette Better Than Those Other Supercars, the performance speaks for itself. With the ability to adjust things like the ride height manually without purchasing a bunch of aftermarket parts just continues to put this car into a league of its own. With the pending Z06 offering likely coming soon the C8 Corvette will be propelled even further into the untouchable performance to dollar category.

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