Hyundai Kona EV

Hyundai's EV Battery That Lasts a Lifetime

Hyundai provides lasting peace of mind in its electric vehicles and hybrids with an offering not provided by other EV manufacturers: a lifetime battery warranty. This warranty is provided to the original owner with some restrictions.

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The battery of an electric car is the most expensive component. The battery of a hybrid vehicle may or may not be the most expensive component of the car. The battery of an electric vehicle is the most expensive component of the car and car run upwards of $15,000 to $20,000 dollars after the manufacturers battery warranty has expired.

Lifetime Battery is a Lasting Peace of Mind

Tesla owners routinely charge their cars at varying states of daily use less than a full state of charge in attempts to lengthen battery life (you’ll even get a notice if the battery was charged too many times to a full (SOC) state of charge. In contrast, Kona electric drivers will simply just plug their car in and charge without any worry of future battery life. The Lifetime battery warranty is only for the original sale owner meaning the Kona electric could lose value in trade or secondary sale just like any other EV. Hyundai, knows their battery will last a long time, possibly 20 years. They also know many owners will trade their Kona electric in not taking advantage of the lifetime warranty.

Potential Savings

The environmental and cost conscience owners who keep the Kona electric in the family for 10+ years will accumulate $20,000 plus in vehicle savings. Savings to the wallet and the environment. Savings on fuel, oil, exhaust components, sensors, emissions, transmission fluid changes, spark plugs, turbo chargers, fuel injectors, fuel system, fuel tank, radiators, transaxel fluid changes, emissions testing just like all electric vehicles. Then also savings on the largest possible electrical vehicle expense battery replacement.

Wider EV adoption

The Hyundai’s lifetime battery replacement can allow for further EV adoption as in the past potential buyers may have strayed from EVs due to the thought of battery replacement. Selling a car with a major cost component with a life time warranty is similar to selling an Internal combustion vehicle with free lifetime transmission warranty. Hyundai may not have any trouble selling the Kona EV, but if they do they should widely advertise the Lifetime battery boast no other manufacturer comes close.

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Why doesn't greedy Tesla Motors give anyone a decent battery warranty? Spend $100,000 for a Model S and still no decent warranty.
Eight years is decent, don’t you think?
Hi Damien Ludwick, I had called 2 dealers in Canada and the USA, none of them know anything about the unlimited warranty to original owner of the traction battery, can you confirm how to find out, besides dealers and their online warranty info which only supports 8 yrs or 100000 miles) Thanks, Gary