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Blast from the Past: Familiar Color Returns to 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition

Learn about specs for the newest 2021 4Runner trim level, including the return of a popular color.

For a small percentage of the vehicle buying population, the color of their new car, truck or SUV really does not matter. Provided, of course, the car they pick isn’t a color they just don’t like at all.

But for the majority, I think we can all agree that vehicle color choice is relatively important. It might not be the first thing they think about when car shopping, but it will eventually become important when it is time to make that all-important final selection.

Which brings us to the topic of Toyota 4Runner and its 2021 color offerings.

Meet 2021 4Runner Trail Special Edition

Toyota just announced a new trim level to its 2021 4Runner lineup that will satisfy those who love the outdoors. Introducing the 4Runner Trail Special Edition.

The 4Runner Trail Special Edition builds off the SR5 trim level configuration and adds in features that add additional utility and convenience.

The thing you may notice immediately is the Yakima LoadWarrior cargo basket on the 4Runner Trail roof (shades of 2020 Venture Edition 4Runner). Also look for distinct black exterior badging, along with dark gray TRD Off-Road wheels. Another utility cornerstone in Trail Special Edition is a new 40-quart cooler and sliding cargo tray.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition Yakima basket

Since we are talking about color choices, this cooler will be offered in both Cement and Army Green colors.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition Cooler

Also look for black seats with tan stitching and all-weather floor liners.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition front seats black seats with tan stitchingColors for 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition

Four available color choices will tempt buyers for the 2021 model year. Making its return to the 4Runner lineup is Cement. This is a tough and rugged color option and it makes the already durable 4Runner look even cooler than it already is.

Cement was first introduced to 4Runner owners with the 2017 4Runner TRD Pro.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition Cement color rear end

Other color choices for the 2021 4Runner Trail Special Edition are Army Green, Super White and Midnight Black.

What one will be your favorite this coming year?

Time for your thoughts on 2021 4Runner

I have been asked by readers about the 2021 4Runner release date. All we know so far is they will arrive at local dealerships later in 2020. An important logistical note is that only 4,000 of the 4Runner Trail Special Edition vehicles will be produced. Divide that number by 4 color choices and my math says it will be around 1,000 made per color.

My advice is that if you want to get one, I suggest you reserve one as early as the process will allow so you can ensure you get just what you want.

VIDEO COMPARISON: 4Runner Venture vs TRD Off-Road Premium -- who is your winner?

Thanks for reading everyone. Do you think you will be interested in a Trail Special Edition 4Runner? If so, what color do you think will look best?

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Digitaldoc (not verified)    February 9, 2020 - 1:25PM

Not interested in shuffling the colors. Please Toyota, update the engine so it does not get 17 mpg, and bring the transmission into this decade with an 8 spd. Not sure why folks keep buying this dinosaur of an SUV.

Peter Martling (not verified)    February 10, 2020 - 11:56AM

Cement, a approiate color for a truck that's styling looks like a cinder block.
Having once owned 2000 3rd Gen with a 5spd manual and factory lockers, Toyota hasn't made a 4runner that great since. Oh, that truck was Dune Mettalic, best color ever!

Greg Steer (not verified)    February 15, 2020 - 2:31PM

I have a 2005 4Runner SR5 and am waiting for a true 5-passenger SUV PHEV to replace it. The PHEV SUV would have a 50 km EV range for in-town emission free driving, be capable of towing 5000 lbs, and have 5 seats. The EV / ICE power train has the range and additional torque for pulling a trailer. Not interested in a 7-passenger version, which is just a van camouflaged as an SUV. I would never use the third row seating and it reduces cargo volume, increases weight and adds complexity.