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What Tesla's Longer Range Model S Confirms

Tesla announced what we already suspected was coming: new improved longer range Models S and Model X with an all new drivetrain, suspension upgrades, fast charging, and more.

Base models start at $78,000 USD with 250 miles range and long range models go high as 370 miles. Ludicrous performance is now a $20,000 package upgrade. Something coming back we see come and go is the Standard model designation, which would be considered a mid-range model.

It's funny how Tesla always stays a few steps ahead of the competition. And this EV maker can’t change things as easily, given their long yearly cycles.

Yes and this news confirms the present gen S/X short of a sales disaster which I think won’t happen, is here to stay for several more years probably. And they have a great product that will toe to toe with Porsche. In fact, we already see the production version of Porsche Taycan in the wild.

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