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The Production Versions of The New BEV Porsche Taycan

We are already starting to see production versions of the new BEV Porsche Taycan out in the wild, and it’s shaping up to be a gorgeous car in Panamera fashion.
Posted: April 26, 2019 - 10:39PM
Author: Al Castro

The rear deck pays homage to her older big sister, the first Porsche saloon, and the front setup stays true to form from the Mission E concept, nods to the past and future.

This 600 HP 310 mile mule was slightly veiled with red tape and a laughable faux tri-star logo from the other guys across town that almost looks like a peace sign. If those tri-star guys were only so lucky to make a car like this Porsche. Of course the car is in a gorgeous all-black, the most beautiful way you can make things! ;)

Taycan premieres in showrooms later this year, with her wagon sister bringing up the rear closely behind next year.

If you want one this year, the best you can hope for is an order cancellation.

Only 20,000 units will be made this year, and they’re all sold out.

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What are your thoughts. Is the production level of Porsche Taycan better than expected?

Al Castro reports EV cars at Torque News. Follow Al on Twitter at @SgtAlCastro and send him automotive tips please.