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Monkeys disassemble Mercedes

Posted: March 18, 2011 - 8:26PM
Author: Don Bain
The monkeys in England’s Longleat Safari Park had not seen a car in a long time so officials at the park decided to give them one of their own. What happened is exactly what might if you parked your Mercedes in one of the more questionable neighborhoods of any city in the world. The locals tore it apart.


At least 30 of the lovable vandals ganged up on the hapless car, ripping off the luggage, the hubcaps – whatever they could pry loose and that was a heck of a lot.

Once one of the prehensile-tailed little guys had a piece they ran away happily, somersaulting with it, dancing or celebrating their acquisition in one way or another.

According to the park’s official website monkey mayhem is back. It reads:

“The Monkey ‘Drive-Thru’ is back. Love them or hate them, the Longleat monkeys have always been one of the Safari Park’s most memorable experiences. Now they’re back and ready to cause monkey mayhem all over again.”

You can drive your car through these diminutive hoodlums if you wish, but I if go to Longleat it will be in a M1 tank – it might be interesting to see what they could pry off of that!

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