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Volkswagen’s Bold Arteon Set To Debut At Geneva Auto Show

Posted: February 23, 2017 - 8:03PM
Author: Marc Stern
Volkswagen will debut its new Arteon at Geneva next month. Long rumored, the Arteon is a near-luxury midsized model that is slotted into VW's line just above the CC. The CC, however, will be discontinued in favor of the Arteon.


Within the last couple of months, there has been lots of news out of Volkswagen headquarters; not all of it tied to the diesel emissions scandal, either.For example, about four weeks ago, a leak from the automaker pointed out that the CC, a near-luxury model that sits just above the Passat was going to disappear from the VW lineup this year.

The CC, which sits on the older Passat platform, has never been a strong-seller in the North Amercian market. It was more attuned to the European market where, ironically, its sales were stronger, but never huge. To put it politely, the CC was and has been a niche car. Granted, it’s a rather upscale niche, but, nonetheless, it is still a small market segment. Another vehicle in the same approximate niche, the Eos, will also be heading toward history soon, as well.

Arteon Ready To Move In

The hole in the lineup that will be left by their departures won’t last very long, at all. According to the automaker, its new Arteon will make its debut at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show next month.

A fastback model, the swept lines flow from the new front end to the rear, presenting a smooth shape to wind. The new vehicle, which is set to go on sale this year, is the CC’s replacement. The Arteon, built on the Passat platform, is “positioned above the Passat,” the automaker stated in a news release.

The front end features a bold restatement of the more traditional lines of the CC. The headlights and grille merge, eliminating two distinct design elements. Instead, the merger of the create a new front-end design. The automaker calls the lines of the Arteon “avant-garde Gran Turismo.” styling.

Since VW has called the Arton “avant guarde,” it is safe to assume that the designers reached the critical objective for which the automaker had been aiming, the combination of avant-garde design with versatility.

Arteon Features Spacious Interior

Achieving this goal apparently, enabled the automaker to make some sought-after outcomes, including a vehicle with an exceptionally spacious interior with ample head and legroom front and rear. VW has called these results “exceptional for this type of body style.”

The brand-new Arteon features not only an entirely new front end that merges the LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with the chrome-plated crossbars of the grille. The design team integrated the hood into this design concept. The region around the A-pillars, analogous to one’s shoulders, has also helped to redefine this vehicle. This area features a noticeably flared set of wheel wells that, when combined with the tire/wheel combination, define the Arteon in a new way.

The Arteon features the latest in driver assistance systems. These features are usually reserved tor an automaker’s luxury vehicles. Indeed, says Volkswagen, the combination of features makes the Arteon “one of the most attractive products in its segment,” VW concluded.

Source: Volkswagen