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Lambo Highlights Monterey Car Week With First Look At Unique Trio

Lamborghini used the Monterey Car Week to unveil and display a unique trio of high-performance autos. The display was the first time that the trio, Aventador S, record-setting Huracan Performente and the Huracan Spyder, were shown together anywhere in the world.

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A rare collection of Lamborghini cars drew lots of attention at the Monterey Car Week. Lamborghini – officially Automobili Lamborghini – collected the trio of unique high-performance cars from its Ad Personam bespoke program. The program allows customers to choose the color and materials for their cars so that the vehicles end up truly unique. Monterey was the first official unveiling of the trio of unique high-performance cars together anywhere in the world.

Trio Continued To Draw Many Comments

Collectors and enthusiasts have commented about the trio of vehicles throughout Monterey Car Week which began last Friday and continues to week’s end. The special exhibition, “Ad Personam for Pebble Beach,” includes:

  • The all-new flagship Aventador S
  • The record-breaking Huracan Performante
  • The stunning open-topped Huracan RWD Spyder

All three vehicles were on display at last week’s, “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.” The Huracan Performante, displayed prominently on the Pebble Beach Concept Lawn during the Concours d’Elegance Sunday, made the event even more exciting.

The Aventador S coupe made its inaugural appearance at the event, featuring a bright orange, Arancio Xanto exterior with a carbon fiber visible on the roof and the lower portions of the car. On the inside, the coupe features Nero Ade leather, and an Alcantara interior, accentuated by orange stitching and inserts.

Flagship Aventador S Leads Display

Dianthus wheels in matte titanium emphasize the Aventador’s muscular exterior. The V-12 Aventador runs 740 horsepower. A transparent hood showed off the 12-cylinder powerplant quite nicely. Also, the supercar features an improved chassis and rear=wheel steering system. The aerodynamic design is a standout.

The record-breaking V-10 Huracan Performante featured a stunning dark green, Verde Hydra color palette that sets off the Narvi bronze wheels. The front bumper showcased bronze gloss highlights that emphasized the Huracan’s design.

Inside, the Nero Cosmus – black – interior featured Nero Ade Alcantara inserts and bronze stitching on the steering wheel. The record-breaking Huracan Performente featured the optional Style package.

The record-breaker ran the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife recently, setting the mark as the supercar maneuvered through the dropping “green hell.” The green hell, which features some of driving’s most challenging turns, also drops through about 350 feet from top to bottom, making the drive even tougher.

Open, two-place Huracan Spyder

There’s another Huracan making news now at Lamborghini, the open-topped Huracan Spyder.

The Spyder is a rear-wheel-drive sports coupe. The two-place open-top performance machine featured, an exterior done up in stunning silver Grigio Astarte livery. When the livery is coupled with its glossy black Giano wheels, the combination makes the exterior unique. That, combined with its glass black Giano wheels, create a unique exterior. An Elegante Interior in Nero Ade leather, with Terra Emilia contrast color and Grigio Chronus stitching, completes the interior experience.

Source: Lamborghini

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