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Bugatti Returns To Its Roots As It Partners With Firms On Super Yacht

Returning, in a way, to its roots Bugatti has partnered with yacht-builder Palmer Johnson to create a sports yacht reminiscent of the one commissioned and built in the 1930s. It was named after Ettore Bugatti's youngest daughter, using her nickname.

You’ve heard of matching towel sets or wine and dessert glasses, right? Well, how about a matching car and high-performance sports yacht set? If you play your cards right – and have about $5.4 million to spare – you can buy your Bugatti Chiron supercar and a Limited Edition Bugatti Niniette 66, a sports yacht that matches the Bug.

Not surprisingly the Niniette 66 is 66 feet long. Its lines follow the same classic horseshoe lines used by Bugatti designers.

Major Collaboration

Working in conjunction with A++, Palmer Johnson Yachts handled the naval architecture and engineering, while A++ and Bugatti took care of the external design and interior styling, respectively. That’s why the sleek new sports yacht looks so much like the Chiron.

The Limited Edition Niniette 66 is the first of a multi-boat line of boats, ranging from 50 to 80 feet. Inspired by the Chiron, the sports yachts slice cleanly through the water at speed; the sports craft has a top speed of 44 knots (roughly 50 mph).

Palmer Johnson used a slim, monohull design, stabilizing it with a sponson on either side. The sponsons damp rolls at speed, keeping the ride smooth for the three on board, two passengers, and one crewmember.

The Niniette’s 21-foot beam allowed the interior designers to include a roomy master suite that features soft leather, polished metal, suede, and carbon. Also, there’s a marble-clad guest bathroom and a galley with all the basics needed to make award-winning meals, if you can do so. At least, though, you can cook something or make PB&J if you get hungry. The master suite, by the way, has an automotive inspired skylight.

On deck, as befits a sports yacht, there’s a fire pit, Jacuzzi®, Champagne bar, plus lots of seating.

Shallow-draft Craft

With a shallow, four-foot draft, you can use the Niniette anywhere, if there is enough obstacle free water available – even shallow-draft boats can hit trouble if there’s a submerged log you don’t see as you pound down on it flat-out.

Whoever skippers this Niniette will likely find there’s lots of competition thanks to the totally high-tech cockpit. The joystick-controlled speedboat can be piloted from the Bugatti-designed helm chairs and command center.

It may seem odd that this high-end Volkswagen Group subsidiary would be fooling around with yachts, but, in all honesty, it isn’t. Bugatti was known to dabble with boat-building 80 years ago. At that time, Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi commissioned a boat. Ettore Bugatti, the founder of the automaker, took on the challenge and the result was the first Niniette, named for the car-builder’s youngest daughter nickname. Her name was Lidia.

Marine Designer Natural Choice

Returning to today’s Niniette, the choice of Palmer John was evident. Given the yacht builder’s success in building sports boats that broke the mold, the automaker turned to the Monaco-based marine firm as its obvious choice.

If you are thinking of obtaining a Niniette – and have the cash to spare, of course, you had better hurry because the production run ends after the 66th copy. For more information, check out this link:

Source: The Robb Report