Volkswagen's new Arteon has drawn universal praise from car writers who liked its styling.
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Arteon Draws Raves From Writers Who Looked At The Sedan

Several autowriters weighed in with their opinions of the new Volkswagen Arteon. The automotive journalists to an author raved about Volkswagen's latest top-of-the-line sedan.

Now that the Arteon has been rolling around the auto show circuit for a bit and the leading automotive journalists have had a chance look at it critically, they news is all good for Volkswagen.

To recap, the Arteon replaces the flagship CC in the VW lineup. Larger than Passat, it also slots in above the Passat in the automaker’s lineup. It is built using the MQB architecture that VW uses as the basis for many of its current models. Says Automotive News, Arteon “was designed to give the brand’s top sedan a more muscular appearance, compared to its predecessor.”

CNET-Roadshow, Andrew Krok

Featuring headlights that “flow into the grille,” plus a color strip at the top of the grille “to help differentiate it from the Passat,” the Arteon has aggressive wheel arches that set it apart, as well. However, on the inside, you see it’s a Volkswagen right away.

Jalopnik, Raphael Orlove

While one writer sees the Volkswagen in the Arteon, a second journalist says that while it is “quite handsome” … it’s just a knockoff of the Audi A7.” You have to wonder, though if this writer has a slight obsession with A7s because he sees them everywhere. Or, as he said in Automotive News, “just about any full-sized hatchback looks like an Audi A7 knockoff.” He notes that the rounded Porsche Panamera or the Tesla Model S look like A7 wannabees “because, well, most cars are all pretty much the same basic shape at this point.”, Adrian Padeanu

Calling the Arteon a new “design approach for Volkswagen wit an unusual front fascia where the radiator grille meets the headlights, in this case, a standard full-LED arrangement,” another writer said the new sedan has a more practical hatchback design. While VW called its predecessor, the CC a four-door coupe. Even though it was called a “four-door coupe” the washout was that the CC was a “sedan with a swoopy roofline.” The body change will “make the Arteon easier to live with.”, Matt Schmitz

Matt Schmitz called the Arteon a “cousin of the CC.” You know the one who is “prettier, better dressed and more successful cousin your mother always compares you unfavorably to.” The writer says the Arteon emphasizes the “art” in its name. “Volkswagen fancies the sedans exterior styling as ‘avant-garde,’ making a note of its long wheelbase, stretched roofline, fastback shape and large rear hatch.” The CC sported far smaller trunk opening. The expansive hood extends over both fenders, and the grille spans the car’s entire girth.” The standard LED headlights, and daytime running lights merge in the Arteon’s chrome-plated crossbars of the front end. The whole look is meant to convey power.

New York Post, Kyke Campbell

Campbell lauded the Arteon’s fastback roofline, well-shaped shoulders and use of chrome. The styling holds with the philosophy which is that if you are going to design a new sedan it had better be cool. Toyota's Camry and Kia’s Stinger are a good example of this idea.

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