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Why 2017 Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Edition owners are furious about the headliners

You buy a new car and especially a commemorative edition and you find out that something isn't assembled correctly. Owners of the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Edition are upset that the headliners in their new vehicles are already separating.

Cyber posted in a popular Chevrolet Camaro forum to find out if the quality problem with his brand new 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Edition is a common complaint. “I just purchased a 2017 50th Anv SS after selling my 2012 Camaro. 2nd day I had it out, looked over and noticed the headliner coming out. It's cut too short and won't tuck back under the trim. Is this a large spread known issue? I posted on the 50th Anv Facebook page and several others have the same issue. Do they have to replace the whole headliner to fix? Concerned it will cause more issues local dealer replacing the complete headliner.”

Owners are concerned that the repairs will cause more problems

RC, from Houston, has the same issue. “Bought mine 5 weeks ago, and looks EXACTLY like that. Dealer has ordered a new one. One member said his dealer removed the front windshield to replace it... That scares me! My dealer said remove passenger seat only. They seem like a reputable shop, and I've explained my concerns about rattles/squeeks/etc. We'll see pretty soon - new headline is supposed to be in this week.”

Cyber is worried as well. “Remove the windshield to replace headliner?! Ouch!”

Chevy tends to agree. “I am getting it by the rear window. Whole thing is hanging down. Not sure if I want to get it fixed if they have to remove the front windshield, etc to replace it. Especially if this is an issue that hasn't been fixed yet despite being an issue for over a year now.”

Another Camaro owner believes removing the windshield is excessive. “Must be one of those dealers that likes to bill GM with unnecessary repair procedures to pad their warranty work. They probably make good money of that tactic from GM.”

A Canadian Camaro owner says most of the complaints are for poor fitting trim around the windshield. “The majority of problems are at the front windshield. You're the first one I have seen that it is coming out over the door. That would drive me nuts. It is easy to forget the little bit of trim showing by the windshield but the door you would see every day.”

Dusty, from Florida, has had it repaired. “The only way to get the headliner in without bending it is through the windshield You may have been referencing me when I stated they removed my windshield. My dealer tried everything trunk with seats removed passenger side with seat out they resulted in calling GM for advise on how to replace the headliner and GM said front windshield has to come out. It is the only way without bending the headliner since it’s a single piece. If they bend it and crease it you will get sag somewhere. They had a professional windshield company come in and do it no diff then if you crack your window and need it replaced.”

Other owners complain about the seat covers in the Camaros

PJZ from Phoenix says another common complaint is about the Camaros’ seats. “Mine has been like that pretty much since purchase. In the front, back and passenger side door. My dealer said bring it in prior to the warranty expiring and they will replace it. Same with the seat covers pulling out from various points. His point was to wait a bit for all of these old incorrectly cut parts to be shipped out before ordering a new one as you might end up with the same exact problem. And as far as I know, yes, they need to take out the windshield to fit or else they have to bend it trying to get through the door.”

Adam, from Florida, isn’t happy with what his dealer told him. “Mine is like that on the passenger side. I brought it up to my dealer and they said it's a known issue with no fix. They took me around to look at every Camaro they had on the lot and 5 out of 6 were the same way. I called GM to find out when they'll have a fix for it and they were clueless. Is anyone else who has/had this issue having luck with replacements? Adam elaborated on his call to GM. “I'd say the proper action would be to call GM directly and create a "service request" in their system. The more people who call and report this issue, the more inclined they will be to release a fixed headliner that's not cut too short. Bonus - They gave me a voucher that can be used toward accessories for my trouble. More info - The number I called was the main Chevrolet Customer Care number: 1 (800) 222-1020. The representative who initially answered the call was obviously foreign and difficult to understand, so I escalated the call and then received some help. I was assured that the issue was being sent on to another department for review and that accepting the voucher was not in any way surrendering or voiding the warranty for the headliner.”

Owners are concerned that the headliner repair doesn’t fix the problem

Macky, from Louisiana, says the repairs don’t solve the problem. “My headliner detached in the front on both the driver and passenger side. I had it replaced at the dealership and it detached again three weeks later. I brought it in again and it took them 4 weeks to put in another new headliner. I just picked it up yesterday and the passenger side has already fallen again. The dealership is going to put in a "Customer Concern" report, but I am not sure what good that will do. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed.”

RC says he just checked and the dealer has gotten him a headliner that is larger so hopefully it will solve the issue, once and for all. “Stopped at my dealer this afternoon to measure the headliner they ordered for me. It measures about 3/8" wider and driver/passenger sides are equal (measured from visor hole - passenger side on current one was short by 3/8" exactly) - so think I'm good to have them move forward. Service shop manager said the same - windshield out to replace, then reinstall.”
I understand that every company is trying to cut waste, but by cutting the original fabric too short, GM is costing itself thousands of dollars in repairs. It is sad to see, especially on a Special Edition Vehicle!

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I bought my wife a 50th anniversary edition and the windshield appears to be de-laminating. The dealer won't help so I'm reaching out to see if anyone else has had this problem. The vehicle is garage kept and isn't even ready for the first oil change.
The windshield fogs up on our 2017 50th anniversary edition. Any fix???
If GM can't build a decent corvette as far as quality control, how would a camaro be different? GM is all about max profit made on gullible consumers.
I just had a 2018 SS custom order, and apparantly they haven't fixed the issue with the headliners. I had it 2 days and noticed in the rearview mirror that a part in the center was a little lower than the rest. Having a 2013 before, I thought maybe it was part of the new design. When I checked it out, the entire headliner is too short and I can pretty much fit my whole hand into it. Then I checked out the front and same thing, it's about half an inch too short. I waited way too long for this car to arrive, and now I have to take it in for work already. I'll probably have it done in the winter when I won't be driving it. Very disappointed that I have to have such a major repair, and I'm fearful it will just cause more problems in the long run.
Our 2017 RS Camaro has transmission problems. Now they want to change the fluid for second time and a third if needed before changing the torque conviter. The granny is rough in the 8th gear.Make it rough you enjoy our vacation of 1800 miles