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The Ram 1500 Has the Most Loyal Truck Owners for the 6th Year in a Row

The Ram 1500 just won an Automotive Loyalty Award from IHS Markit. It is the sixth consecutive loyalty award for Ram's popular light duty pickup.

It is no secret that owners of the Ram 1500 love their pickups. Now, IHS Markit has released its annual awards that prove it. The Ram 1500 is taking home the Automotive Loyalty Award for Light-Duty trucks for the 6th straight year. The 2022 Ram 1500 has been praised for its class leading towing, fuel efficiency and luxurious interiors. In all, Stellantis earned four different Loyalty Awards in the 26th Annual IHS Markit Loyalty Awards.

What This Type of Loyalty Means

According to IHS Markit, “Loyalty is determined when a household that owns a new vehicle returns to market and purchases or leases another new vehicle of the same make, model or manufacturer. The newly acquired vehicle may be either a replacement or an addition to the household fleet.”

The fact that someone likes a new Ram 1500, or any vehicle, so well that it goes back and buys another is huge in this day and age. Vehicles are so difficult to get after the pandemic and there are so many different name plates available that customer retention is a huge issue.

"Given the unique nature of 2021, with the challenges of the pandemic and inventory shortages, retaining customers is more important than ever,” said Joe LaFeir, president, Automotive Insights, IHS Markit. “This year’s winners have demonstrated effective marketing strategies that have resonated with customers and led to more return to market activity."

2022 Ram 2500Ram 2500 and 3500 Win Loyalty Award for Heavy-Duty Trucks

The Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy-Duty earns the Automotive Loyalty award in the Heavy-Duty Pickup segment. The 2500 and 3500 are the most powerful, most capable pickups in the heavy-duty arena. Much like the light duty version, the Ram 2500 and 3500 are praised for adding performance and luxury to the trucks that used to be only considered work vehicles.

2022 Jeep Grand CherokeeJeep Grand Cherokee Wins Loyalty Award for Mid-Size Utility

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is already one of the most loved vehicles on the planet and it is out with a new fifth generation. This IHS Loyalty Award is the 12th that the Grand Cherokee has earned over the years. The Grand Cherokee is known for its legendary 4x4 capability and on-road handling. Now for 2022, the Grand Cherokee nameplate has an expanded lineup. The Grand Cherokee is available as a two-row, a 4xe plug-in-hybrid and a three-row Grand Cherokee L.

2022 Dodge ChallengerDodge Challenger Wins Automotive Loyalty Award as Sports Car

The Dodge Challenger earns the Automotive Loyalty award in the Sports Car segment. The Dodge Challenger is the industry’s most powerful and capable muscle car. The 2022 Challenger offers nine distinct models and a full range of engine options. Dodge’s new Power Brokers dealers and Direct Connection Performance Parts can enable owners to turn their Challengers into street legal racing machines.

IHS Markit Research

IHS Markit has been studying automotive loyalty for 26 years. Major automakers use the research information to try and grow owner loyalty. The analysis of shopping behaviors can help the automakers try to win sales from other brands and better retain their current customers and owners.

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Doc Roberts (not verified)    August 25, 2022 - 9:03AM

Strange that even the ram advertisements only say 4 years loyalty and that has a qualifier as a qualifier. This article claims 6 years of loyalty with no qualifier.. That's because the author has no consequence to loose words and facts. If it was true the manufacturer would have stated it in their advertisement because they know they will be held accountable. Besides the Ford truck so far outsells ram they could say almost anything.. I love the ram truck but I don't like liars