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2024 Ram 1500 Tops J.D. Power Quality Study

This is the second time that Ram has placed first. It is the fourth time in five years Ram has placed in the top three.

Ram has plenty of reason to celebrate after J.D. Power released its Initial Quality Study. Ram drives off with a number of honors. Ram is the #1 Industry Brand. It is also the top-performing Mass Market brand and the 2024 Ram 1500 is the best full-size Light-Duty truck for the second straight year.

“This recognition is particularly uplifting because our customers are extremely demanding,” says Ram-brand CEO Chris Feuell. “Satisfying them to the point where we rise above every other brand in the industry is testament to the boundless creativity of our designers and engineers, and the unwavering dedication of our assemblers and dealers.”

J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

J.D. Power sends surveys to people who buy or lease new cars. The survey ranks the number of problems that buyers report in the first ninety days. Nearly 100,000 people responded to this year’s questions. The industry average this year was 195 problems per 100 vehicles. The lower the number, the fewer problems per vehicle. The Ram 1500 placed much better than the average with 149 problems per 100 vehicles. Chevrolet came in second with 160 problems per 100 vehicles. Hyundai placed third with 162. Last year, Dodge, Ram and Buick took the top three spots. Dodge stumbled badly this year, with buyers reporting a significant number of issues.

“Stellantis brands have enjoyed top IQS rankings for several years,” noted Bill Kendell, Senior Vice President-North America Customer Experience at Stellantis. “But to achieve what Ram has achieved in this year’s study, with its broader scope, is a clear demonstration that our team can and will deliver on the mission statement of our organization: Every Customer Counts, Every Journey Matters.”

Added Kendell: “For us, this new study marks a new beginning. We will use our past successes to build a better future for our customers.”

Unusual for a Truck to Take Top Honors

Ram is the only truck-exclusive brand to ever to top the  benchmarking study. The Initial Quality Study is highly respected because it is based on actual responses. Consumers report the issues they have had and whether or not they are pleased with the vehicle. It is  very unusual for a truck to place #1 overall, but Ram has managed to achieve it twice. This is the fourth time in five years Ram among top three in industry.

It is also difficult to repeat as the best in a category. The 2024 Ram 1500 is the best full-size light-duty truck for the second straight year. Typically, other vehicle companies set their sights on the winner and try to best them in the following surveys. The Ram 2500/3500 pickup placed third among heavy-duty pickups.

Capping this year’s performance is the Ram 1500’s win in the Full-size Light-Duty Pickup segment, and a third-place finish among Heavy-Duty Pickups for the Ram 2500/3500.

Who Conducted the Survey

J.D. Power is a leader in automotive data and analytics. J.D. Power provides consumer insights and advises auto manufacturers on areas that buyers find bothersome. Apparently, this year’s survey discovered that EVs have more issues than gasoline vehicles. New technology often brings new problems. You can bet that executives will be reviewing the findings to look for solutions.

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