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SST Engine In the Ram Rebel 1500 - What Makes It Special?

We examine the engine of the Ram Rebel 1500 to see what makes it unusual and special.

Ram’s Rebel is one of the coolest full-size off-road trucks one can buy today. The truck features numerous off-road upgrades, an upscale and rugged interior, and Ram’s trustworthy four-wheel drive system. One feature that also makes the Ram Rebel special is its engine. Let’s look a bit more closely at this engine.

What Does SST Stand For?
SST stands for straight six turbo. The engine uses six cylinders in-line. This is often referred to as a “straight six,” in contrast to the more common V6 arrangement. There ae many good reasons why drivers like a straight-six engine. One is that it offers a naturally balanced performance. The way the cylinders fire helps to keep the engine from vibrating. In trucks, packaging is not as big a concern as in compact vehicles, so the engine’s length is not an issue.

Turbochargers In the SST Engine
The SST engines used by Ram utilize not one, but two turbochargers. Turbochargers use exhaust flow to spin a turbine. This turbine is used to compress the incoming air and, thus, adds to the power out put of the engine. 

Engine Construction
The SST engine features a deep-skirt cast-aluminum block with cross-bolted steel main bearing
caps, low friction plasma spray-bore coated cylinders, structural die-cast aluminum alloy oil pan, aluminum alloy head with pent-roof combustion chambers, forged and twisted steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods and cast aluminum alloy pistons with DLC-coated piston pins.

Fuel Delivery
Fuel is delivered using a gasoline direct injection system with centrally located injectors, and a single high pressure pump providing up to 5,075 psi (350 bar) to a single fuel rail.

Bore, Stroke, and Displacement
The SST is referred to as a “three-liter engine.” Technically has a displacement of 2.993 cubic centimeters. Its bore and stroke are 3.31 x 3.54 (84 x 90).

Oil Capacity
The SST engine has a 7.5-liter oil capacity. However, oil changes generally require 7.1 liters of make-up oil after draining.

There Are Two SST Engines
Ram makes two SST engines. They are the 3.0-liter Hurricane Standard Output and High Output engines. For model year 2025, the Standard output engine is used in the Rebel trim. 

Power and Torque
The SST engines were designed to offer Ram owners an engine with more power and more torque than a typical V8 engine, but with better fuel economy. The SST in the Rebel produces 469 lb.-ft. Of torque at 3,500 rpm. The peak horsepower of the engine is 420.

Fuel Economy
Ram recommends Premium Unleaded fuel for the SST-equipped Rebel. The fuel economy is rated at (city/hwy/combined) 18/25/21 MPG for 2WD trucks and, 17/24/19  for four-wheel drive trucks. 

Manufacturing Location
The SST engine is manufactured in Ram’s Saltillo North Engine Plant, Saltillo, Mexico.

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Image of Ram 1500 engine by John Goreham