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Ford C-Max Energi: Wearables Reach into the EV World

Ford's C-Max Energi Plug in Hybrid, Ford Fusion Plug In Hybrid and Ford Focus Electric Vehicle all now have connectivity to a wearable app.


The auto industry is becoming more and more attached to the tech industry. The latest announcement this week was to reintroduce the MyFordMobile app that has been available for some time for the Android and the iPhone market however this time for the wearable versions.

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Normally I’m in the part of the early adopters category for most technology but after researching the wearables category, they can’t work independently without the Android or iPhone close by so that means I’m carrying two items with me when in my case, I really only need one. There are a few instances that wearables make sense and probably a reason to explore them at some point but I’m probably going to have to wait for a later date. There is one recent introduction that has pushed me closer to wanting one however and the MyFordMobile wearables version is extremely interesting to me.

The idea here is that the app has been extended into the wearables and gives you the state of charge (SOC) of your EV and time remaining to charge. It also allows you to pre-condition the car, as well as provide remaining range of the EV. The wearable can lock and unlock the car, provide a mileage summary, and a trip summary which includes a personal driving score and percent of EV miles if using the Ford Fusion or C-Max Energi Plug In. One of the greatest features if you find yourself forgetting where you parked your car in parking lots, it will actually tell you where the car is. This app also integrates Google Maps into it.

So while my initial instinct was to wait to jump into the wearables space, at least I can see a reason for one now which helps me actually want to get one.

The video below from Ford shows the app on a smartwatch. If you have one of these and have other ideas for EV applications, please share them in the comments section below.

MyFordMobile Video