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How Does Your EV Rate? Plug In America Releases EV Report

What is it going to take to move more drivers over to PHEV and pure EVs and what needs to be done by current EV drivers or by governments? Is there more to the story that can be done by manufacturers.

What is it going to take to move more drivers over to PHEV and pure EVs? What needs to be done by current electric car drivers? What can be done by Governments? Is there more to the story that can be done by manufacturers.

Plug In America has released a presentation on their Youtube channel that presents the findings of their recently released report.

The report offers 11 key findings followed by recommendations that every EV driver can take part in helping. As everyone of us knows, someone told us about EVs so now we know and love them. Therefore, if you don’t tell others about how you love your EV (Electric Vehicle), how will anyone else find out about how great Electric Vehicles are? This includes you plug in Hybrid Vehicles.
Since most of the manufacturers fail to spend enough on marketing to actually reach the majority of Americans, it seems likely that word of mouth is going to drive this sales trend and it is going continue to grow.

The report breaks their findings into three categories.

  1. Marketing – What is it going to take to get more consumer acceptance using marketing approaches?
  2. Policy – What can government policy do to help increase consumer acceptance of EVs.
  3. Support – How can you support the movement of Electric Vehicles and plug in Hybrid Vehicles?

You can view a presentation of this report below.

Based on my years of experience promoting Electric Vehicles, I believe that consumer acceptance will only happen when consumers have actually been driven or drive an EV. Once that happens, the barriers to entry are down. The instant torque from zero RPMs, the insanity button on the Tesla P85D, the performance of the Chevy Volt and the great quiet acceleration of the Nissan Leaf!
All in all, this report contains lots of useful information and is well thought out. I strongly recommend reading this and if you can. Help out as much as possible.

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It's pretty hard to test drive what they won't sell in your province.
I couldn't hear the audio on the presentation, but on thing that struck me as being absent from the written portion was the lack of interest or support from most dealers. Over and over, I hear stories about people who come in to ask about an EV being shunted toward a gasoline-powered model by the salespeople on the floor of the dealership. Tesla was smart in setting up their own, company-owned points of sale.
Sorry you couldn't hear it Charlie. It working well on my computer and working fine.....Thanks for your comment.