National Drive Electric Week
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Chevy Volt and Chevy Bolts, don’t fail me now!

It’s that time of year again. National Drive Electric Week is coming up (September 9-17). Around the nation, the EV and hybrid curious will meet with owners at events. Last year, we even gave away a weekend with a Chevy Volt! Where are you attending?

It’s that time of year again. National Drive Electric Week is coming up (September 9-17). Around the nation, the EV and hybrid curious will meet with owners at events. Some dealerships (like mine) will also be sending vehicles to view (and sometime test drive). I highly recommend attending an event in your area, regardless of which group mentioned above, into which you fall. It’s always a fun time. In the DFW area, there have been prize drawings, as well. Last year, we gave away a “Weekend with a Chevy Volt.”

Current owners can debate their vehicle’s strong points with owners of other plug-in vehicles. Owner pride is always in abundance, but for once, we can debate one another without anger or tear gas ;-) Owners can share their expertise with newbies, so the curious can know they’re getting the straight poop and not some salesperson’s pitch.

Last year, the DFW area was #1 in attendance, outside California, and we’re challenging everyone to try to beat us. We were also #3, in the nation, in number of plug-in vehicles shown. You can search for events, in your area, by visiting the National Drive Electric Week website.

This is also a chance for networking with like-minded drivers and environmentalists to keep abreast of new laws, incentives, charger locations, apps and more.

To my Volt, Bolt EV and Spark EV owners: Come on out to Grapevine Mills Mall and show off your plug-in vehicle! At last year’s event, there was a lot of buzz (and Buzz) round the Bolt EV, which was within a few months of its launch. This time around, I expect LOTS of Bolt EVs in attendance, as well as other new plug-ins that have recently entered the market. There will be visitors on their second or third plug-in vehicle,who can speak, from experience, about battery longevity, economy and exhilarating performance. Come on out and be the expert you so desperately wanted to talk to, back when you were getting your first plug-in!

We’re all in this together and we can move this revolution in transportation forward!

If you're going to an event, in your area, after you register on the NDEW2017 website, leave a comment here, sharing where you'll be attending and what kind of EV or hybrid you drive!

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Looking forward to NDEW this year. Would love to see my old Chevy Spark show up! And perhaps more new people will be interested this year if it coincides with high gas prices. With gasoline shortages here in Texas due to Harvey and rationing expected for the next several weeks, it is good to have a Bolt. I could go a week or more without power and still make my commute and errands. And my wife and her Volt are set for any situation. We don't have to worry about gas shortages - we "fill up" in our own garage and we have a "full tank" every morning.