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Track time in a Jaguar is an adrenaline rush

Have you ever taken your Jaguar on the track and participated in a driving event? The performance and handling of modern Jaguar’s make them a perfect match for racing on-track.

This summer I plan to take to the track in my car and drive in my first track time event. I’ve been told that it’s very addictive and one of the most thrilling adrenaline rushes ever. To top it off while I’m taking laps I’ll do so with a professional driving expert in the passenger’s seat. As part of the experience, the pro will give instructions on how to best take the turns and tips on acceleration and braking. The high-performance driving instructions are not free, but neither are the track time events.

Most events provide high-performance sports cars to drive as part of the package deal, but some of the events allow you to take your personal car on track. However, your car will have to pass a few routine inspections and may be required to have some special equipment onboard. The costs of these events vary depending on the amount of days and laps that you want. Some driving experiences are part of a group rate during a special weekend of racing and on-track events and can cost as little as $250 for a couple of 20-30 minute segments. But some driving experiences can last all weekend and cost over $1000.

Another added bonus of spending time participating in these type events is the ability to learn from the professional and may just save your life with your new found driving skills. Being able to drive and maneuver at a higher level during emergency situations can be invaluable. Taking your car to its limits can be done safely on track and under the guidance of professionals.

My original question may seem like an easy answer but before you raise your hand to say “yes” or before you agree to put your Jaguar on the track with you behind the wheel, consider a few things: Will you risk wrecking your own car? Will you become addicted to it and deplete your savings? Will you sell the house and want to go weekend racing full-time? Or will you pick up a used Jaguar and build a purpose-built track time car?

Make a wise choice as you decide if you want to take part in what some say is the biggest adrenaline rush you can experience. My vote is yes, and I will report back on how my track time experience goes and give some advice on the best way to enjoy this thrilling experience.

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