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Jaguar offers the performance test drive of a lifetime

Are you ready for an adrenaline rush that will leave you wanting more? The Jaguar Performance Driving Academy begs for you get behind the wheel and take a new Jaguar to the limits.


How often do you get to strap into a new Jaguar performance vehicle and put the pedal to the metal? Average Joe’s can sign up for a once in a lifetime experience to drive with a highly skilled professional driver and learn how to explore the limits of some of Jaguar’s latest high performance machines. It’s an opportunity to take these cars on track and see just what these Jaguars are capable of.

Jaguar offers three different skill level courses. US Jaguar owners receive a complimentary Level 1 experience if they have purchased a Jaguar XFR, XFR-S, XKR, XKR-S, XKR-GT, XJR, XJ Supersport, XJL Supersport, XJL Ultimate, or F-Type R Coupe within the last 12 months. U.S. or Canadian licensed drivers age 21 or older can also purchase this Level 1 course. Level 2 and 3 are offered (for a fee) for those who have completed Level 1 and are ready to amp their skills up a bit.

Drivers who have experienced one of these events said it was not only rewarding but that the skills they learned will allow them to drive with more confidence and prepare them for those unexpected driving situations. If you already own one of the cars listed above it will prepare you to unlock the Jaguars performance potential and learn to drive it as it was intended. It’s a great way to feel the cars spine tingling acceleration, handling, and braking all while under the guidance of the professional instructor.

Video highlights of the event held at Las Vega Motor Speedway:

Everything needed to enjoy this rewarding experience is part of the course, including the car, instructor, track amenities, safety equipment, helmets, and also the evening reception. The next opportunity to experience this driving event is in February 2015 in Sonoma, CA at the Sonoma Raceway. Level 1 (Feb. 17-19th), Level 2 (Feb. 18-20th), and Level 3 (Feb. 21st). For registration or assistance about signing up, contact the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy Concierge at 1-866-513-7200.

Jaguar says their cars are ALIVE and they want you to truly experience what they mean by this. The best way to do that is to get behind the wheel at one of these Performance Driving events and enjoy some hands-on experiences.

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