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Fast Cats: Top 10 Fastest Jaguar List

Let’s look at the 10 fastest Jaguars ever built and see how you measure up. The newer Jaguars are laying down some quick times that are carving into Super-car territory.


It’s amazing to see how much horsepower today’s car have and the speeds they can run. Just a few years ago a sports car that could run from zero to 60 mph in under 5.0 seconds was almost unheard of from a production car. Today we have sedans that are quicker than that and get some decent gas mileage to boot. Here are the rankings for the top 10 fastest Jaguars of all time:

Vehicle: Horsepower: *0-60 mph:
1. 2014 F-Type R Coupe 550 3.5 seconds
2. 2015 XFR-S 550 3.7 seconds
3. 2014 F-Type V8 S 495 3.8 seconds
4. 2013 F-Type V8 S 495 3.8 seconds
5. 2012 XKR-S 542 4.2 seconds
6. 2014 XKR-S 550 4.2 seconds
7. 2008 XKR Coupe 420 4.2 seconds
8. 2014 F-Type V6 S 380 4.2 seconds
9. 2010 XFR 510 4.3 seconds
10. 2011 XFR 510 4.3 seconds

*Times were based on several sources calculated by (including Motor Trend, Car and Driver, and Road & Track)

Wow…did you notice that the entire top 10 was under 4.5 seconds and the mighty F-Type held 4 of the top 10 spots. No one can argue that Jaguar has produced a performance minded lineup the last few years and there seems to be no stopping them. Jaguar has long been associated with sophistication, style, and elegance, but don’t forget that they cut their teeth on the track. The racing heritage runs deep in this brand and the passion to be on top is still as strong as it was back when Sir William Lyons set out making these glorious cars we all love.

There is reportedly an old and famous quote from Henry Ford saying “Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built” and that is so true. Going fast and car racing is just part of our DNA and we can’t escape the “Need for Speed” that is in all of us. As we get ready to roll into 2015 Jaguar will keep striving to bring us more horsepower and faster times. I’m still waiting with baited breath to see if they will actually build the rumored “SVR” Super F-Type Coupe with over 600 horsepower!

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