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The Hennessey Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, when 550 Horsepower is not enough

John Hennessey and his team decided to give the big cat just a little more growl and you’ll be amazed how much power they get from the 2014-2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe and R Models.

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The year was 1991 when a successful businessman (John Hennessey) turned a passion of modifying his cars to go fast into his life’s work when he founded Hennessey Performance Engineering. The turbocharging and intake/exhaust work he performed on his daily driver (Mitsubishi 3000 GT) was incredible and the racing world took notice. He used his need for speed and the knowledge of how to do it to offer his services to other drivers who shared in his passion to modify their cars. He began offering his skills to upgrade customer’s cars and make them perform at a higher level. In July 2011 after two decades he opened a new 10,000 sq. ft. production and service facility in Southern California. His long term goal has always been to provide ultimate performance for his customers.

The Jaguar F-Type Coupes are already packing a whopping 550 horsepower from the 5.0 liter Supercharged V-8 under the hood, but Hennessey is offering an upgrade package for those who need more! The HPE600 F-Type R upgrade has been tuned to produce a staggering 623bhp @ 6,200 rpm and 568 lb-ft Torque @4300 rpm. As the video showcases the 0-60 mph times drop to 3.5 sec. and blisters the ¼ mile in only 11.6 sec @ 126 mph.

The HPE600 upgrade package includes:

• Custom software upgrade tuning
• Supercharger pulley upgrade
• Intercooler cooling upgrade
• Professional Installation
• Dyno tuning and road proven testing
• Serial-numbered dash and engine plaques
• Hennessey exterior badging
• 3 year / 36,000 mile limited warranty

Exact pricing for this upgrade package on the Jaguar F-Type Coupes has not been announced yet, however just for comparison the HPE700 upgrade package for the 2014-15 Chevy Corvette Stingray runs $22,500 so that should give an idea of the approximate range.

The new Jaguar F-Type R cars are getting more internet traffic and forum buzz than any other car on the market today, it seems everybody is talking about this car and what it can do. Now as if the stock F-Type wasn’t enough, Hennessey has offered an F-Type “Extreme” that sure to quickly earn its place on the street and the track.

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