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New XE from Jaguar may cause problems for BMW

The 2015 BMW Series 3 gets a makeover, could it be a result of the soon to be released all-new Jaguar XE. The competition in this compact sports sedan market is about to get heated.

Jaguar, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz have all gone to battle before in an attempt to come out victorious in auto sales, but the class is hotter than ever before. BMW has just announced a face-lift for the 3 Series cars and some speculate that it will not be enough to stop Jaguar from gaining new consumers in the market. The BMW 3 Series has been a class-leading vehicle for some time and will not be easy to knock off the top spot.

How will this epic battle shape up and can BMW stop the new contender from Jaguar. Some are calling the XE a “Baby Jag”, but there doesn't seem to be anything childish about it. The XE is packing a few new tech goodies that could give it the slight edge, like the all-new aluminum chassis and sleek touchscreen infotainment system. If high-tech is not your passion, then the distinctive styling and Jaguar luxury will be sure to please the sophisticated enthusiast.

You have to ask yourself if consumers will make a purchase based on reviewing the specs or will they buy with their hearts? The styling and design on the XE has been a large part of their marketing strategy, but now BMW is about to give their 3 Series a new makeover that might just be the fresh look it needs. How much do consumers in this market care about looks vs. functionality?

Globally the small premium market has accounted for 1.3 million sales annually and that number will no doubt grow even larger. Will Jaguar try to hit BMW hard and take the lead in sales or just try to gain some ground? I guess a new challenger in this class can be a good thing because it may cause each one of the automakers in this market to up their game. If they have to step it up, it only helps the consumer have better choices of well built cars that offer the best of everything.

One last thing to consider is the reliability and value of each vehicle; will the Jaguar XE hold its resale value as good as the BMW has? There has been enough hype over the all-new XE, but can it answer the call when the rubber meets the road? I can’t wait to see who will emerge from the ring on top after the final bell rings.

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