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Jaguar’s F-Type, the consumers are talking again

How will the Jaguar F-Type perform in the long haul? The styling and performance are home runs, but consumers buy this car to drive for a long time and they want to enjoy the experience every day.

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Let’s face it; the Jaguar F-Type has been on the minds of almost every car enthusiast from the moment it was launched and the thoughts have been near 100% positive. Can this car continue to impress day in and day out now that it has aged a bit? The hot sports car from Jaguar made its debut in 2013 and has been on the streets long enough for consumers to form an opinion. We have to ask the question, are consumers as thrilled with the car after being behind the wheel for almost three years now?

In just three short years the big cat has blossomed into a fire breathing dragon that may be ready to take on the world with its 550 horsepower Supercharged V8 engine. Performance has increased and now considered a serious contender. And the rumors are getting stronger every day that Jaguar will indeed build the Super F-Type I’ve been talking about, with north of 600 horsepower, so I’m asking “What are they waiting on”?

Jaguar has just announced the new crossover vehicle called F-Pace that was inspired by the F-Type and the all-new XE sedan is coming soon, so will the F-Type get a fresh re design or will it just more get more growl under the hood? (That would be fine with me) Maybe Jaguar will morph the F-Type into a larger grand touring sports car. There are reports that the XK that is being replaced may return as a stretched F-Type. Either way the F-Type R Coupe is one fabulous car that will continue to impress anyone who drives it.

Go take a test drive and you will know that kind of excitement that everyone is talking about, but with the improved engineering and reliability that Jaguar has regained the long term reviews will also impress. Kelly Blue Book ( already has the F-Type listed as a 7.5 of 10 and a consumer rating of 9.4 of 10. The site also says the fair market value for a used F-Type is in the mid $80K range, and that makes it an attractive option for the sports minded consumer who wants some serious performance in the garage.

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Jon Glickman (not verified)    February 5, 2015 - 8:54AM

I bought my first Jaguar, an XK150, when I was 19 years old and fell in love with the car. During the days of British Leyland, JRT and finally Jaguar Cars in the US, I was an executive with the Company. Later I became the General Manager of two separate volume Jaguar stores. I have not been associated with the Company since the early 90's although I have continued to own Jag's through the early 2000's. The F Type is the first Jag that has peeked my interest in years. It appears to be a return to the roots of the marq. Yes I believe this is a vehicle that will capture the loyalty of enthusiast's once again. A giftedt automotive journalist once said to me that great automobiles like Jaguar, Porsche etc. are like the difference in diamonds and cubic zirconia. Diamonds may have flaws and zirconia may appear perfect, but one is real and the other is an imposter. It is my perception recent Jaguars have been an attempt to compete with the cubic zirconia, nice, reliable but not related to the vision of it's creator. The F type is finally a return to the diamond quality a Jaguar should be. The people I know who have traded their BMWs, Mercedes etc. are all very pleased. They also comment on how many people notice the car, even in common highline territory like South Florida and Southern California. If Jaguar begins producing the vehicles in the US as rumored it could be a real win-win for enthusiast's like the writer and the US dealer network.