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The Jaguar F-Type finally gets the SVR nameplate!

The official announcement has been made, the future of the Jaguar F-Type will hold an SVR nameplate and you can bet 600 + horsepower cat will make a grand entrance.

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I’ve been reporting for some time now that Jaguar was flirting with the thoughts of building a Super F-Type that would boost up the power and performance of an already awesome vehicle. I think the timing is perfect to launch this performance beast and Jaguar may even attract a few of the Porsche enthusiasts to take a look, but the SVR F-Type will have to come out of the gate strong and never let up.

John Edwards (Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations) confirmed to the Dutch publication Telegraph saying the future performance range will include an SVR version of the F-Type. An SVR would trump the brands current F-Type R model and strong speculation has it north of 600 horsepower. I’m also sure that the torque will increase and zero to 60 mph times will drop a bit more. The current R version of the F-Type already sports the 550 horsepower Supercharged V8 with 502 lb. ft. of torque (at 3500 rpm). With zero to 60 mph times in 4.0 second flat, the SVR F-Type should break into the 3 second range and that’s getting serious. No word on the top speed of the SVR but the F-Type R is limited to 186 mph, so the 200 mph club may not be calling unless the engineers at Jaguar decide to drop the electronic limiter.

The SVR moniker should fit the brand well, however some loyal fans have not been pleased with the recent naming of Jaguar’s new crossover the F-Pace. Fact is the SVR name has already been used on the popular Range Rover Sport and it packed with additional styling and performance goodies. The Project 7 F-Type in the photo above may give us some hints to what’s expected from the SVR “Super F-Type.

Names can be a large part of the success of a model, many automakers spend lots of time and money to make sure they choose the correct name that fans of their brand will relate to. For years it’s been highly anticipated to see what the newest models will get named. Names like; AMG (Mercedes-Benz), RS (Audi), V series (Cadillac), M series (BMW), and even the US models like Shelby GT350 or Cobra R model can seal the deal for some loyal fans of their favorite cars. Even the video game industry wants to make sure they have the latest exotic, supercar, or R-Spec cars in their game because fans want to be able to get behind the wheel and experience the fastest and most powerful cars.

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