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Jaguar makes noise again at the 2014 Mille Miglia (video)

The 2014 Mille Miglia was well represented by Jaguar race cars and celebrities this year as they participated in this tribute event. The original Mille Miglia was a 1000 mile open road endurance race in Italy from 1927 to 1957.


Historic and vintage Jaguars were roaring through the streets of Italy, and if the fans were not awe struck by the cars then they most certainly were by the stars behind the wheels. The Jaguar Heritage Racing group participated in the 2014 Mille Miglia classic car endurance events held in May 2014 and did so with an all-star lineup. The drivers included Jay Leno driving the Iconic 1951 XK 120 Roadster in period trim with co-pilot Ian Callum (Jaguar Design Director). Jeromy Irons was also driving a historic (record breaking) Jaguar XK once driven by Sir Stirling Moss at Monthlery. Other historic Jaguars were driven by AC/DC lead singer and British car enthusiast Brian Johnson, Author David Blakeley, and model-turned -TV presenter Jodie Kidd.

A 1951 XK 120 Roadster (LXF 731) ex-Duncan Hamilton racer was driven by the husband and wife team Elliot and Erin Gleave. Another racing great Martin Brundle (Jaguar Le Mans and Formula 1 driver) shared driving duties with former Formula 1 racer Bruno Senna in the famous “Long Nose” Jaguar D-Type.

Watch the video highlights below.

Some of the famous and iconic Jaguar race cars included:

• XK 120
• XK’s
• C-Types
• D-Types
• RHD Fixed Head Coupe XK120 (LWK 707 registration)
• F-Types

This annual event is a “who’s who” of legendary cars and drivers who get to do what most of us would love to do, and that’s drive some of the most sought-after and historic Jaguars in the world. This is just another example of the passion that Jaguar owners and enthusiasts can expect from a brand of vehicle that is capturing the essence of racing and paying proper tribute to the legends of the past.

Broadcast crews and special VIP guest followed along the event route in a few of the new Jaguar F-Type Coupes. Each participant not only enjoyed the vintage cars but also can be heard reminiscing about the beautiful countryside during the drive; however I noticed that some of the drivers were also donning helmets and were taking the turns with a little quicker pace (Wouldn’t you do the same?).

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