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Lucid Names AT&T As Exclusive Connectivity Provider

AT&T will provide connectivity services enabling a range of features across the entire Lucid lineup.

AT&T will provide connectivity services enabling a range of features across the entire Lucid lineup according to a recent press release from the American telecommunications giant.

AT&T's coverage will allow Lucid owners to stream in-car entertainment and gives vehicles telecommunication, diagnostic and intelligent navigation abilities. The latter is especially valuable for electric vehicles, as it allows the car to decide when and where to stop for charging in order to maximize range and convenience to the driver.

Over-The-Air Updates
Lucid's over-the-air updates will also be carried by AT&T's coverage, giving the Californian company the power to improve its vehicles and get rid of software bugs without owners having to visit a service center.

Image of a white Lucid Air driving on a mountain road.

“The strength of AT&T’s network and IoT leadership in the connected car space are key reasons Lucid chose AT&T to connect our vehicles. The automotive industry is on the move and together, Lucid and AT&T are creating new possibilities for drivers and vehicles.” - Michael Bell, Senior Vice President, Digital, Lucid Motors

Lucid is one of 60 automotive brands that uses AT&T coverage to provide connectivity to its vehicles.

“Connectivity is beneficial in all types of vehicles and gives owners the latest driving experiences. Lucid Motors represents the future of the connected car. From initial design to final product and beyond, connectivity helps keep EVs healthy, updated and on the road longer” - Cameron Coursey, Vice President, AT&T Connected Solutions.

The Connected Future
Connectivity plays an ever-increasing role in new cars, with some forecasts predicting that 96% of new vehicles shipped around the world in 2030 will feature built-in connectivity systems. Far beyond finding the most convenient EV charger, connected vehicles have the potential to lower emissions through increased efficiency across the entire transportation landscape while increasing road safety at the same time.

Vehicles will be able to communicate with other road users, transport infrastructure, internet networks and even pedestrians. Traffic management will be improved thanks to a wealth of newly available data, while smart cities will be able to analyze and use said data to operate with the kind of efficiency that today's city planners can only dream of. Big Brother will certainly be watching, but he'll make sure you don't get stuck in traffic while he's at it.

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Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 4.0.

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