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Latest Flyover Shows Progress At Lucid Factory

Bear's Workshop is back with another drone flyover at Lucid's AMP-1 factory in Arizona.

The Bear's Workshop YouTube channel is a valuable resource for Lucid watchers and investors alike. Bear frequently posts drone flyover videos which show the number of Lucid Airs outdoors awaiting shipping as well as the progress being made on construction of Lucid's first factory, AMP-1, in Casa Grande, Arizona. Bear also covers semi-truck manufacturer Nikola, whose factory is located half an hour away from Lucid's in Coolidge, AZ.

Bear's latest flyover was streamed yesterday and shows that noticeable progress has been made at the site since the previous video four days prior.

Drone shot of the Lucid factory in the Arizona desert.Lucid's Advanced Manufacturing Plant, or AMP-1, is a greenfield facility designed from the ground up to build EVs.

Building AMP-1
Bear takes us through the construction progress of a few key buildings on the site during the stream. The 'body in white' building, where the Lucid Air's body shell is assembled and welded, has received more roofing to connect it with the existing building beside it and awaits the installation of walls and the necessary HVAC equipment to keep it cool during Arizona summers.

The stamping building, where the large components of the Air's shell are, you guessed it, stamped, has had more walls added since January 14th's flyover video. Bear makes an educated guess that the construction at AMP-1 will be completed by Q2 of 2023.

A Lucid Air body shell heads to the paint department from the body in white building.Car Haulers
Bear estimates that there are 1,400 Lucid Airs parked outside the factory awaiting shipping and delivery. We can see that the process is underway with car haulers laden with Lucids leaving the factory during the flyover and a couple more sitting in the loading area awaiting their cargo.

None of the cars being staged or shipped appear to be examples of the Lucid Air Pure (the Pure doesn't have silver roof rails like the rest of the range), and Bear speculates that Lucid built a few Pures so they could say that deliveries had begun in 2022 before switching focus back to the more expensive models. He's expecting to take delivery of his own Lucid Air Pure in Zenith Red later this year.

Other than buildings and vehicles we can see that progress is being made on the grounds at AMP-1. Paving work is ongoing to make room for more cars to be staged ahead of shipping, and there are large, currently empty central spaces that look to have been earmarked for more buildings.

Lucid surpassed its own twice-reduced production guidance for 2022, building 7,180 vehicles over the year. The real news, however, was how many of those were produced in Q4 2022 alone.

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Here's the stream in its entirety:

Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 4.0.

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