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Honda’s Tech driven R&D presence expands in Silicon Valley

There’s an argument raging in the automotive engineering community. What discipline, computer sciences, or automotive engineering, has the greatest influence on the future of personal transportation? In response to the question, Honda expands its already formidable Tech driven R&D presence in California’s Silicon Valley.

Honda R&D innovation Inc goes global

It’s been said: We live in the second “golden age” of the automobile. Furthermore, in this automotive R&D world of 24/7 global design team collaboration, there will be more advances in automotive safety, fuel efficiency, driver to car connectivity, and drive dynamics, in the next 10 years, than have occurred over the past 100 years of auto-evolution. Is the car in danger of becoming a very non-personal, cell phone paired accessory? Well, yes, and no. We drive this Acura brake-free on the freeways of Los Angeles.

Much of what we experience in today’s advanced car, comes out of robot development, all computer controlled

As reported this week by Honda: “Honda Silicon Valley Lab takes on a global roll as a new company: Honda R&D Innovations Inc.” or simply, Honda Innovations, if you happen to work or partner there. Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Honda Xcellerator ™ will work with mostly young tech innovators, to drive the #1 engine builder in the world to the forefront of auto-innovation, as demonstrated through Acura’s Precision Concept cockpit design.

The car of the future is as much Autonomous driving safety, as it is person to car connectivity. In-car service-pay is a big part of that future. Do you have a developed auto-related application, or technology you’d like to approach Honda with? Bring it on. Read more about Honda R&D Innovations here.