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Honda CR-V tops ‘2017 Best New Cars for Teens’ with segment leading active safety features

Nineteen, 16 year old teenage drivers die daily from traffic accident related injury in the United States. When optioned with "Honda Sensing," the makers intelligent suite of safety and driver assist technology, 2017 Honda CR-V earns US News and World Reports “Best New Car for Teens” award. What makes CR-V exceptional in a sea of very good compact crossovers?


Without question, the latest advent of Honda’s best selling SUV in it’s turbocharged glory is a pleasure to drive; good looking; and multiple task capable. Beyond that, Honda’s near midsize 2-row comes with one of, if not, the most comprehensive active safety suite options available in the sub-premium SUV segment today.

While you and I may not eagerly share our state of the auto art CR-V touring with the newest driver in the family, US News and World Report ranks 2017 Honda CR-V, when equipped with optional Honda Sensing, the “Best New Car for Teens,” in the ever expanding crossover, SUV vehicle segment. Read my latest drive CR-V drive impressions here.

2017 Honda CR-V when properly equipped, will avoid collision

Although not 100% Autonomous, 2017 Honda CR-V when optioned with Honda’s award winning Honda Sensing ™, will aid your teenage driver in keeping within the driving lane when distracted (often,) and mitigate collision avoidance by automatically applying the brakes, often a split second before the driver becomes aware of pending doom.

Honda Sensing features include: Roll-over- prevention via heightened electronic suspension stability, ABS, electronic brake aided non-skid quick stopping, and much more. Me, I like the adaptive cruise control and Lane Keep assist. Read more about active safety features here. You will find full 2017 CR-V specifications and trim level MSRP here.