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Crook blames capture on stolen 1997 Honda Civic

In Tuesday’s news we find a story of a getaway gone wrong, and a bonehead thief blaming his capture on the Honda he was driving.


Apparently Michael Rosslow of Spokane Washington failed to elude police in an assumed stolen 1997 Honda Civic Sedan. On being booked Rosslow stated, “ That’s the last time I’m running from Police in a Honda Civic.”

If only Rosslow had taken a moment to look up the Civic’s performance specifications prior to the chase, he may of opted for a Civic of greater horsepower and torque. Never a Civic Si around when you need one.

According to the Spokane’s KREM 2, Michael Rosslow, 27, was clocked by a Spokane County Sheriff's officer driving 70 mph in a 30 mph residential zone; never a good idea regardless of make or model. At any rate , the story reads on to describe a car chase that resulted in several PIT maneuvers, a stereo speaker being thrown at the patrol car via the Honda, with Rosslow and one his his gang ending up stalled in a vacant field. You couldn't make this stuff up!

Rosslow told the Sheriff that he had ran in fear that there may be an outstanding warrant for his arrest. There is now! Sounds a little ‘Tweaky” to me.

If dumber than dirt Michael had taken a moment to study his car, he would have came to the conclusion that the 6th generation 1997 Civic in dead stock trim, while a dependable driver, is no ‘Getaway” car. Equipped with Honda’s 1.6 liter SOHC 4 cylinder, Michael may have found 60 horsepower or so under the hood, great for fuel economy, not so good for outrunning the coppers.

looking to the article, I believe that good ol’ boy Michael will have some time to think about his next getaway car of choice.