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American Honda confirms spring dealership roll-out for HR-V Crossover

In speaking with American Honda Monday, we’re assured that 2016 HR-V will hit the showroom sometime in the late spring. Times ticking…


Torque News has measured a massive readership interest and response to Honda’s next big thing. When 2016 CR-V Crossover comes to North America dealerships in spring 2016, Honda fans interested in a downsized crossover featuring Honda Fit utility and(near) fuel economy will line up to purchase Honda’s portal crossover/SUV.

Civic power meets all-wheel-drive 5 door hatchback

But the story doesn't end there. looking to 2016 HR-V we discover a compact crossover presenting the styling cue and driving cockpit of a premium micro-performance-coupe. HR-V is a well orchestrated, balance of form meets function, something that Honda engineering is known for.

HR-V drive impression embargoed until April 30

Although Torque News-Honda has driven 2016 HR-V, we won’t be sharing our driving impression until the last day in April. But what we can tell you is this: If you like the off-road and foul weather capability of CR-V, wish for the engine power and CVT transmission of Honda Civic, and the form and dynamic transformer-like functionality of 2015 Fit, you’ll love HR-V.

Not as small as you think

Despite it's compact classification, 2016 HR-V's well appointed interior easily accommodates 4 adults,(Honda says 5) luggage and whatever else the day may call for. Featuring the transformer-capability of Honda’s 60/40 split, flat-deck “Magic Seat,” HR-V will haul those longer objects while accommodating a third passenger, making it ideal for snowboarding, skiing, surfing etc. Owners will appreciate the near-flat rear deck capability of HR-V due to the Fit world-car platform center fuel tank design.

All-wheel-drive option of 2016

looking below HR-V, we further discover measurable ground clearance, as required for off-road adventure. While we don’t know how capable HR-V will be under off-road driving conditions, we can state that looking to the construction of HR-V, and the shared CR-V all-wheel-drive components, HR-V should perform well under adverse weather conditions, and while driving through moderate, mud, slush and snow conditions in AWD.

Fuel economy best in compact CUV/SUV segment

Although 2016 HR-V falls a bit short of the EarthDreams ™ Honda Fit, it does come out as a segment leader with the best EPA stated mpg for a compact crossover in North america.

Utilizing Honda’s mechanically bullet-proof fuel injected 1.8 liter 1-VTEC 4 cylinder gas, a close ratio 6 speed manual transmission(FWD only) and Honda’s well received CVT automatic transmission, 2016 HR-V claims an EPA stated MPG of 28 city/35 highway for the FWD ,CVT.

Buyers will take a marginal fuel economy hit(25 city/34 highway) when equipping the front-wheel-drive HR-V with a 6 speed manual transmission. For HR-V buyers requiring all-wheel-drive capability, expect 25 City/32 highway from Honda’s portal to the growing light truck and ever-evolving light truck lineup.

So, as to scoffers that put the arrival of 2016 HR-V sometime in late October, 2015, Honda says they’re sticking with the original market target of late spring 2015; and will release an actual production date prior to the end of April.


john mcride (not verified)    April 14, 2015 - 12:45PM

2015 honda crv exl awd, no nav; i have a jag !!! it roars when i start it ! increas and decrease speed cvt rors again, did you plan to compete with jaguar rumble and roar ? i believe you srewed up a wonerful car with cvt, i buy a new crv ever year, most likey switch to subarau forester, or mazda cx5, or trade me back for a new loaded hrv !! if cvt any good in that one ! been buying a new car ever year since 80's, tried them all , mid size, awd, suv, thoght honda was the answer; first one was o7, tried a couple of foresters, probably go with them in 2016, cvt doesnt roar!! has present highest resale, , dood buy honda !! john mcbride, newport or. didnt send or call a question customer opion on this 2015 did you? wonder why, could hace a new limited forester, should have took ! going to cost me allot on getting out of a 2015 crv, ah! to pissed off to say anymore,

Parks McCants    April 14, 2015 - 4:58PM

In reply to by john mcride (not verified)

Welcome John. Torque News Honda is an independent produced Blog reporting on Honda and Acura development. Good luck with your situation. This seems more like a personal preference than a malfunction. Wishing you trouble-free, safe driving.

Forethought (not verified)    April 14, 2015 - 7:46PM

In reply to by john mcride (not verified)

Curious. . . .We recently purchased an AWD 2015 CR-V Touring and we are experiencing none of the problems you describe. While the CVT transmission does "disconnect" the engine RPMs from vehicle speed, neither my wife nor I find it objectionable or overly loud. We tested a 2015 Subaru Forester 2.5 CVT and found the transmission performance virtually identical to the CR-V. The engine "rev profile" was quite similar as well. In fact, my wife though the Subaru was a little more loud, especially at speeds over about 50-60 MPH, although to my ears it was essentially a wash. However, I did think the Subaru boxer engine was a bit more harsh than the CR-V at higher RPMs.

What sold us on the CR-V was a significantly better interior and the more extensive safety systems in the CR-V compared to the Forester.

BTW, Mr McBride, if you buy a new car every year, you've been taking a huge depreciation hit "....every year since the 80's." Frankly, you'll take less of a hit this year if you bail on the CR-V before your year is up. . .

Parks McCants    April 15, 2015 - 12:12AM

In reply to by Forethought (not verified)

Welcome Forethought. I believe as you so eloquently stated, that CR-V CVT does exactly what it's designed to do. With that said, my theory is that in the not too distant future, CVT transmissions will become the norm. We the driving public will adjust to CVT behavior as past generations adapted to multiple speed automatic transmissions. Initially, 2 and 3 speed automatics were the norm. Today we're looking to 9 to 11 speed transmissions in the quest for higher fuel efficiency; something that over-the-road 18 wheel heavy trucking has been doing for decades. Thanks for your though provoking comment. Take care...

Perry (not verified)    April 14, 2015 - 7:26PM

Parks, as a big man, can you comment on the comfort of the HR-V seats, driver and rear, for taller folks? Thanks!

Parks McCants    April 15, 2015 - 12:22AM

In reply to by Perry (not verified)

Welcome Perry. Yes. The first time I sat in HR-V at the Los Angeles Auto show: I found a surprising amount of leg, hip and shoulder room in the driver's and passenger seat of HR-V. Sitting in the rear passenger seat, I found that if I moved in 3 inches from the door, headroom was more than adequate for this 6 ft 5 inch journalist. The seats are well built, mildly bolstered yet supportive. I would suggest dropping in at your local Honda dealer and sitting in an CR-V or Honda Fit. They're seats are comparable. Actually, the HR-V and Honda Fit driving environment dimension is within fractions of an inch of each other. (same platform.) We'll comment on the ride and handling aspects of HR-V at the end of April. Take care...

Tim (not verified)    June 11, 2015 - 9:34AM

In reply to by Parks McCants

I traded my CR-V for the HR-V and have 1 disappointment in doing so: I am 6'3" and find that the leg room and seat adjustments are not up to par with the CR-V. The seat will not tilt back in order to gain thigh support for people with long legs. Not a deal breaker by any means. We still love our HR-V.

Dan (not verified)    April 19, 2015 - 8:32AM

Thanks for the article, looking forward to check out the HRV.

My commute is short and rarely need anything huge to drive around.... I had considered the fit, I love the flexibility in a tiny package, but the early 2015 production issues, highway noise and crash worthiness (tiny cars) scared me off a little.

I'm hoping the HRV improves a little on those fronts.

Oh.. Honda needs to bring back some buttons on their ex+ infotainment... I'm tempted (whether I buy a fit or HRV) to buy an Lx as you get some knobs and plan to upgrade down the road; As they still seem to be missing car play or the android version of that I'll probably go that way eventually anyway.