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2018 Accord punctuates Honda’s design directive for next decade.

In an automotive world of 5 to 7 year design cycles, what was revealed to the world from Detroit last week, sets the stage for future forward Honda engineering, body design, and advanced driver to car personal electronic connectivity and active safety features. There’s more to 2018 Honda Accord than meets the eye.


With an injection of 10th generation Civic turbocharged edginess, and a dash of Odyssey advanced connectivity, 2018 Honda Accord punctuates Honda’s design direction for the next decade. From the “C” shaped tail lights to the dynamic “3-D” grill design, a slightly lower, wider, and perhaps more sinister looking Accord captivates the onlooker. It looks quick resting in park, thanks to a very aggressive stance, swept-back greenhouse, lowered tapered roofline, dynamic hood to grill integration, and organic to hard chine side profile.

Honda stays true to the concept teaser in presenting the most dynamic Accord in history

As with last month's reveal of the reinvented 2018 Toyota Camry, Accord comes to the midsize sedan segment swinging -- with a refined, sportiness, historically reserved for premium brand offerings. Coupe-like in its body language, 2018 Accord takes design cues from Acura’s Precision Concept Car, the 2017 Honda Civic, and the redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan. Honda Accord D.N.A. is preserved, yet magnified -- signalling yet another design home run for Honda -- with a slightly roomier interior, trunk, and captivating visual appeal.

2018 Honda Accord comes up against some formidable competition

Despite a growing consumer preference for crossovers and SUVs, millions of compact. mid and fullsize 4-door sedans will be sold in the United states this year and beyond. Depending on the news source, Honda Accord is either #1 or #2 in midsize sedan sales in the U.S.. Known for general dependability, class-leading ride and interior accommodations, the all new turbocharged 2018 Honda Accord presents greater fuel efficiency, a standard feature active safety suite, and a much improved passenger to car personal electronics connectivity and entertainment , as experienced in the 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan.

2018 Honda Accord: Arrival date, MSRP and specifications coming soon

Last week’s Detroit stage announcement didn’t come with particulars as to the aforementioned, although the message is very clear. 2018 Honda Accord builds on the solid reputation of the Accord mark with the introduction of a Honda manufactured 10 speed automatic transmission, 2 new turbocharged engines, one, the most powerful Accord to date, and the continuation of a manufactured in Ohio 2 motor gasoline/electric hybrid. Accord will embrace the rolling 4G LTE hotspot integration trend sweeping the auto industry. Torque News further anticipates an improvement on interior quiet, seat comfort, and ride quality. HIstorically Honda’s best selling car. 2018 Accord will carry on the legacy of the mark while preserving market share. We look forward to driving it.


Pierre Haavik (not verified)    July 18, 2017 - 4:34PM

"2 new turbocharged engines, one, the most powerful Accord to date"

Most powerful 4 cylinder, not most powerful Accord which is the V 6 if you by powerful mean horsepower. Torque, however is the highest ever on an Accord and peak torque is available from 1500 to 4000 rpm. With the 10 speed and lighter weight we should expect the new Accord to perform better than the V 6 despite 26 less horsepower.

Parks McCants    July 18, 2017 - 10:12PM

In reply to by Pierre Haavik (not verified)

Welcome Pierre. Simply quoting Honda on the power statement. After driving the 10th generation Civic Turbo and the CR-V, the on demand torque, more than makes up for any horsepower deficiency. This is more about how the turbo torque band works in concert with the CVT or 10-speed transmission. Drive one, you will be impressed.