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2018 Odyssey minivan showcases Honda’s first 10 speed automatic transmission

For 2018, Honda improves on Odyssey, a winning formula that’s driven the maker's family hauler to the top of the minivan segment -- and now, how to stay there.

For years it’s been a very close sales competition between Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna for top billing in the very popular family minivan segment. Both makers offer interior trim packages and features unique to the brand, with Toyota offering an all-wheel-drive variant, something that Honda does not do in North America. And then in rolls the award winning 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, a plug-in hybrid offering from the company that arguably invented the family minivan as we know it today.

Running with a time proven formula, 2018 Honda Odyssey comes to market redefined

2018 Honda Odyssey takes flight as America’s most innovative minivan. I wrote that headline following the Detroit International Auto Show -- that’s some pretty heady stuff, and a tough lead to boot. Setting the auto show generated diatribe aside for a moment, from where we sit, looking to the redesigned Odyssey interior, Honda engineering and design takes more than one cue from the most fuel efficient, speed record breaking corporate jet in the sky today. It too wears the Honda brand.

One engine, 2 transmission options, all manufactured in the U.S.

It’s that “Made in America” thing that Honda does so well. For 2018, Honda coaxes greater +32 horsepower out of its time proven direct fuel injected 3.5 Liter V6 gasoline engine -- without turbocharging -- without electrification, while increasing average MPG through computerized cylinder/engine management and advanced transmission pairings.

For 2018 consumers find 2 transmission options, both manufactured in the U.S., with the first application of a Honda designed, and manufactured in Tallapoosa, Georgia 10 speed automatic transmission -- the end result being seamless shifting --torque, and (most likely) the highest combined average fuel efficiency in the non-hybrid minivan segment. We spend a week in the seat of Honda Odyssey on the road to Las Vegas.

We look forward to driving 2018 Honda Odyssey in early May

This week HMA (Honda Manufacturing of Alabama) began production of 2018 Honda Odyssey, in preparation for late Spring early Summer dealership delivery.