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2016 Acura RDX: SUV ownership drive experience just got beter

For 2016 Acura will present an improved 2 row premium SUV with a surprise or two.The RDX ownership, drive experience just got better.


Acura’s #2 best selling vehicle is an SUV, no surprise there. With MDX leading the lineup in North American premium SUV sales, RDX picks up the #2 spot with value priced features, greater fuel economy and engine performance. America’s best selling 5 passenger compact SUV will be released to select dealers Thursday, April 16.

Featuring greater horsepower(+6) and torque (+1), a more refined ride, less engine vibration and greater optional comfort and active safety features, Acura insures buyers that 2016 RDX will hold its market position through superior construction and residual value, while pleasing discerning new and returning Acura loyal.

Acura holds the bottom line on RDX, while adding greater standard features and comfort

For 2016, Acura RDX comes to market with a beginning MSRP of $35,270, an uptick of a mere $175.00 over the 2015 offering. yet looking to the published specification sheet, buyers will discover a “refreshed” RDX of exceptional standard featured value.

On the performance side

Torque News discovers a new, more powerful 3.5 Liter SOHC i-VTEC V6, producing 279 horsepower and 252 ft-lb torque. While this is a mild increase over the 2015 offering, Acura claims a “broader torque-curve” resulting in less automatic transmission “gear searching,” and greater power throughout the powerband. In other words, shifting, uphill travel and downhill descent should be relatively seamless. We're also pleased to announce that Acura has retained a trouble-free 6 speed automatic transmission across the RDX line up. And, Sequential Sport-Shift steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.

For 2016, Acura RDX claims an EPA, MPG of 19 city/ 28 hwy for the all-wheel-drive variant and 20 city/ 29 hwy for the front wheel drive offering; enabled through Acura’s (VCM) cylinder management system; not a huge increase in MPG but measurable just the same.

Drivetrain improvements

New for 2016, Acura has integrated “active” front and rear engine mounts for RDX resulting in less engine vibration transmission through the frame. All-wheel-drive variants come equipped with Acura’s Intelligent Control ™ AWD, resulting in greater rear-torque transference when needed. Although we have yet to drive the 2016,(that will come in a few weeks) we suspect that based on our 2015 RDX drive experience, the improved AWD system should render torque-steer a thing of the past in RDX.

As stated by Acura: “Intelligent Control ™ AWD will enhance ride stability and all weather performance.” RDX, AWD should perform well under all road and weather conditions.

With a wider range of trim variants,(new Advance Package) upgraded standard power, heated driver and front passenger seats, rear center climate control, custom wheel choices, personal connectivity options and much more, 2016 will be a great model sales year for Acura RDX buyers. You can find 2016 Acura pricing here.

In closing

Acura RDX is a personal favorite here at Torque News-Acura. We love the compact driving characteristics of this V6 powered welterweight. We also like the fact that Acura has retained the 6 speed automatic transmission in RDX; it performs well while promoting a sense of confident driving ease of operation through reasonable simplicity. For Acura SUV buyers not needed the 3 row capacity of MDX, RDX is a logical answer for an everyday premium driver possessing just enough truck-tough readiness for weekend work tasks and travel getaways. RDX is fun to drive.