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2015 Acura TLX features ‘Less bounce per mile’ through superior engineering

Taking a closer look at TLX we discover how Acura smooths out your ride through advanced engineering. This premium sports-sedan features the best ride in the segment. Here’s how.

As old-school Acura drivers, we’ve experienced a sore back and neck more than once thanks to the rather stiff seats and suspension of past Acura Sedan offerings. We accepted it as part of the Acura experience. Stiff ride, tight cornering and handling lends itself well to the track and a country road twisty. However, when driving on the often beat-up highways and freeways of North America, an overly stiff suspension and high bolstered seats can be torturous.

Pleasantly surprised with the comfort found in 2015 TLX

While TLX doesn’t hold the number one position for comfort in Acura’s lineup, it comes darn close. Based on our recent drive and review of MDX, this midsize SUV takes the #1 spot for overall comfort and quiet, with #2 going to Acura’s flagship sports sedan-RLX. Apples to Oranges, TLX is not RLX, however, much of RLX can be found in 2015 TLX. So much in fact, most driver’s today will opt to purchase the slightly smaller, tech-packed TLX V6 SH-AWD. After all, the $15,000 savings realized will put groceries in the fridge for a year or two.

We first met 2015 TLX down in West Virginia at the Salamander resort and immediately fell in lust with Acura’s next big thing. Close in size to the outgoing TL, featuring the sports-car-like handling of the TSX, offering greater fuel economy and road handling prowess than either, TLX had us hooked. The designer colored TLX sitting before us incorporated several first for Acura engineering, with the most significant changes hidden under the exquisite exterior of the soon to be best selling sedan in Acura’s lineup.

Taking a 6 hour 260 mile loop in the all new TLX was an eye opener for Torque News. We’d driven every Acura offering over the years, finding them to be generally mechanically bullitproof, fun to drive, yet a bit utilitarian, exhibiting hash ride and driving characteristics. Within minutes of taking the wheel we collectively realized that TLX was different; it incorporated eye pleasing interior and exterior design with a splash of panache, exceptional road handling, engine performance, a transmission that smoked the competition, superior braking and rough road smoothing ride characteristics.

2015 TLX processes “flatitude” ™ with minimal road noise transference and less bounce per mile than the competition. How does Acura accomplish the feel, quiet and road handling quality of a car costing $ thousands more? Simple, but not realy.

Here’s how Acura does it

Frame rigidity takes the hop out of a sweeping turn in racing. Acura’s done the same for TLX. By incorporating a solid cast door ring into the TLX frame and cage construction, twist-flex is greatly reduced, while crumple zone-cage strength is increased. Furthermore, Acura has reduced the rolling dead weight in TLX where it counts, at the premium alloy rim. By doing so, tire bounce is greatly reduced if not eliminated. looking to the brake assembly we find a weight reduction exceeding 8 lbs at every corner of the car. Again, in a moving component, brake assembly, swing arm, tire rim, etc, weight reduction is key to reducing road-bump-deflection and subsequent noise transference to the cabin.

Acura engineering has further improved ride and reduced exterior noise transference by installing staged dampers(struts and shocks) and isolated body mounts. And then there’s passive and active noise cancellation, all adding up to a superior drive and ride experience. That’s the simple version. 5 years in development, Acura TLX represents the state of the art in affordable premium comfort, performance and safety.

Despite a reported transmission problem or two from our readers in January, with 20,000 units sold in the first 90 days of availability, we believe 2015 Acura TLX presents the greatest purchase or lease value found in a mid size performance metric sedan today. We’ve driven the competition, and yes, it’s that good!