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2015 Acura MDX features guilt level passenger comfort

Looking to the much ignored 2nd and 3rd row seating areas, this automotive journalist explores the rear confines of 2015 Acura MDX. Can a 6 ft 5 inch Defensive End sized dude fit back there?


I’m going to step out of the box and write this piece in the first person. Call me crazy, somebody has to do it. At 6 ft 5 inches tall while I find the driver’s seat in most Honda, Acura offerings to be comfortable enough, several cars and light trucks in the line-up fall short in the second and third row passenger seating department. Granted, Honda has moved light years towards proportionately fitting their vehicles to North American sized buyers.

That wasn’t always the case. None the less, I’ve shoehorned my way into the driver and passenger seat of more sub compact, compact and midsize cars than I care to count. Granted, much interior volume is consumed in the righteous pursuit of occupant safety, and MDX is no exception to the rule. Adjusting the 10 way power activated and air-cooled driver’s seat to a level of exceptional comfort for me is not a challenge. However, in taking the shotgun position, I note a very close knee to dashboard intimacy that I’d rather avoid.

One thing I’d like to change: Add two inches

On the road to Phoenix, I acquainted myself with shot-gun position, MDX style. Adjust as I would, tilting the seat back a bit while riding the rails to the far-back position, my knees remained resting on the dashboard. No worries, for me, the same condition is found in most cars. In-fact the only way that I escape this claustrophobic anomaly is when riding in a full size domestic pickup truck; I believe I’m the exception.

Nonetheless, MDX’s front passenger seating surface is covered in premium perforated leather, memory foam-like padded and body contoured comfortable. The seats in MDX fit as well as a well worn Italian loafer. Leg and shoulder room is exceptional with all passenger available climate control, sound system and personal connectivity controls within close reach.

Row 2 offers exceptional leg room

As an automotive review journalist we seldom experience much if any seat time outside of the driver’s seat. For me, this question comes to mind: Why purchase or lease a 7 passenger SUV without personally experiencing the second and third row seating? After-all, that’s where the majority of 3 row SUV occupants sit.

Granted, for many buyers, the smaller members of the extended family sit in the back. In the case of MDX,row 2 is very comfortable. Affording exceptional leg and headroom, stand-alone adjustable climate control, pull-down side window sun shades and optional pull-down 16 inch split screen entertainment system with surround sound; row 2 in MDX may be the best seat in the house.

Row 2 seating best in class

I especially appreciate the exceptional ‘seat’ feel and density of Acura’s premium foam and leather covered surfaces. Another exceptional feature found in row 2 is Acura’s engenius push-button one finger auto-tilt and slide 3rd row seat access; the easiest operating in the industry.

No, you won’t find me sitting in the 3rd row. I can do it but my head is on the ceiling. 3rd row seating while showing no lack of quality as to its construction, is designed for smaller passengers in your entourage. However, if you size-balance the passenger list, you can comfortably fit 7 adults and their luggage in MDX.

Leave your SUV suppositions behind, this is Acura MDX

Thanks to Acura’s state of the automotive art passive and active sound deadening, 2015 Acura MDX is eerily quiet while rolling down the interstate. Ride stability is akin to riding on train rails at high speed; with vibration and road bump and noise transference bordering on non existent. Conversation between rear row passengers and driver is effortlessly carried on in whisper tones as the cheese, crackers and bubbly are passed from row 2 to the back of the finest mid-size SUV manufactured in the U.S. today.

Movie anybody?

Pop a movie into Acura’s optional surround sound entertainment suite and adjust the seat position and climate control comfort to your personal taste. Kick it, you’ve earned the privilege. That’s 2015 Acura MDX. Simply the greatest driver, passenger, ownership experience found in a rather understated premium SUV on the market today.

In part 3 of Acura MDX “On the road to Phoenix,” we’ll discover greater than EPA stated fuel efficiency and unexpected off road capability.