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GM Aims To Use Software As Key Profit Generator In Expanded EV Lineup

General Motors has not pulled any punches when it comes to the EV market with the company preparing for an all-electric future. But while we have heard about some of the models that will be a part of the plan, the company is just now revealing the key role that software will play in helping make these dreams into a very lucrative reality.

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General Motors is preparing to make waves with its lineup of electric vehicles. From the Hummer EV to the Cadillac Lyriq, GM intends to offer something that can cover the needs of a wide swath of customers. But to get these ambitions off the ground, it takes a lot of software, and the company revealed that it would be laying it all out at a conference scheduled for next Wednesday

Software To Play A Crucial Role Moving Forward

The focus on software will shine a spotlight on GM's attempt to shift from a traditional automotive manufacturer into a technology company that will put greater emphasis on platforms and the software that helps motivate them. This would allow GM to better compete with EV rivals like Tesla while also using every resource in its vast arsenal to make its lineup of EVs compelling to customers.

While we get to wait until next week to hear more about what GM has planned in this arena, we can safely assume that GM will possibly talk about next-generation LiDar and camera-based technologies. With Super Cruise rapidly trickling down into more models, GM would need to stay ahead of the curve in these two technology categories to help bring Super Cruise to its full potential. Look for GM to also focus on software that can help simplify and even streamline some of the functions in an EV vehicle which will help reduce development and production costs.

GM EV Lineup Is Expanding

The Hummer EV pickup and the Cadillac Lyriq may be serving as the figurative spearheads of GM's EV revolution, but a growing cast of supporting characters will eventually join them. Two of these new models will be electrified versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra.

These models will carry over some core technologies from the Hummer, but they will reach out to a wider net of customers that might not have the budget to go into a higher-priced EV. While we still have to wait a bit longer to hear about all the features they will bring to the market; four-wheel steering was recently confirmed for the Silverado EV (and the Sierra EV by association.)

In addition to these two trucks, GM will also be introducing the Hummer SUV and the Cadillac Celestiq in 2022 before introducing five more models in 2024 and a pair of models in 2026 and 2027.

Photo: General Motors

Carl Malek has been an automotive journalist for over 10 years. In addition to his specialization with Ford, he grew up in a General Motors household and is extensively familiar with their products too. Contact Carl on Twitter at @CarlMalek3, on Instagram and Facebook for automotive news to send news tips.

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