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Tesla Model 3 Awarded 5 Stars In NCAP Green Energy Efficiency Tests

Three electric vehicle models obtained the highest scores in the different NCAP assessed sections for Efficiency Tests, due to the significantly high energy efficiency of their electric motors.


The Tesla Model 3, Nio eT7 and Renault Megane E-Tech models have all received five stars in the efficiency and sustainability tests carried out by the European organization Green NCAP. The three vehicles obtained "almost the highest scores" in the different sections assessed due to the "high energy efficiency" of their electric motors, while they "far exceeded" the qualifications of cars with combustion engines, the organization has officially stated.

"The results also prove that manufacturers' investment in electric vehicles can deliver an alternative for consumers that is both environmentally conscious and energy efficient, but at the same time offers the enjoyment, comfort and power needed to drive adapted to today's travel needs", he added. In this sense, the Tesla Model 3 has obtained a general index of 9.8 out of a total of 10 points, due to its energy efficiency in the different types of tests to which it was subjected, and while NCAP has also valued its design, basically conceived to offer "autonomy" and "energy efficiency".

Tesla Model 3, Courtesy of Tesla Inc.

As a reminder for those not familiar with the brand, the Tesla Model 3 is a compact executive sedan that is battery powered and produced by Tesla. Limited production of the Model 3 began in mid-2017, with the first production vehicle rolling off the assembly line in July 2017, when the official launch and delivery of the first 30 cars took place in the USA. The base Model 3 delivers an EPA-rated all-electric range of 272 miles (438 km) and the Long Range version delivers 358 miles (576 km). It also carries full self-driving hardware, with periodic software updates adding functionality.

For its part, the Nio ET7 achieved a score of 9.6 out of 10 and, despite "its great weight", and in the laboratory test it fulfilled "exactly" its declared autonomy of 360 miles, while in road tests and in different environmental scenarios, the average range was 211 miles. The Nio ET7 was unveiled in China on 9 January 2021 at the 'Nio Day' event in Chengdu, retaining many design cues of the 2019 Nio ET Preview concept car. It went on sale on March 28th in 2022 in China with a starting price of ¥448.000 (~$69,200 USD), and it acts as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S sedan there. It has also been announced by Nio that ET7 will be sold in Germany later in 2022. As a side note, in April 2022 Nio's 200,000th car was produced, and it was an ET7.

Meanwhile, the Renault Megane E-Tech also obtained 9.6 points out of 10 and the organization highlighted its low energy consumption. The Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric is a battery electric-powered small family car produced by the French car manufacturer Renault since 2022. Using the Mégane nameplate, the vehicle is the first Renault model based on a dedicated electric vehicle platform called the CMF-EV. It is similar in size to the Captur model, but the dedicated electric vehicle platform allows for a longer wheelbase and larger interior size.

Tesla Model 3, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

"All three vehicles receive the highest ratings from Green NCAP due to the absence of polluting emissions and their remarkable energy efficiency scores", Green NCAP added. The organization has also highlighted that the affordability of electric vehicles remains a challenge for the European market, while it also urged manufacturers to further improve heating efficiency in winter conditions, "since it has been shown that this has a significant impact on autonomy".

All images courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Nico Caballero is the VP of Finance of Cogency Power, specializing in solar energy. He also holds a Diploma in Electric Cars from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and enjoys doing research about Tesla and EV batteries. He can be reached at @NicoTorqueNews on Twitter. Nico covers Tesla and electric vehicle latest happenings at Torque News.