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Tesla Patents Magnetic Horizontal Windshield Wiper Technology: Amazingly Efficient

Tesla has just patented magnetic horizontal windshield wipers. This technology will be much more efficient and durable.

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Tesla Magnetic Windshield Wipers

We see the first images and information of Tesla patenting magnetic horizontal windshield wipers. Tesla claims that these will cover much more area of the windshield, be more durable, and take less Energy to use.

One of the first applications for this seems to be the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck has a giant windshield and, currently, a giant wiper on the side. So far, this design for a single and giant windshield wiper hasn't been modified.

But that could likely change with this new patent. The Cybertruck might have a very complex powered frunk and Tesla may come up with a hinge that can slightly lift up where the windshield and frunk meet in order to stow the wipers and to also fully open them from the front.

This is no simple engineering solution, according to Elon Musk, and would require some time to perfect.

Having a deployable wiper would be a very interesting build concept. It would be a lot better than the current large wiper on the Cybertruck that many have made comedic remarks about.

Another option would be that instead of storing the wiper in the frunk that you give it a resting position at the bottom of the windshield and lift the frunk as it needs to open - like the Model 3 windows lowering when opening a door.

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How Much Longer and How Much More Efficient?

Tesla's diagrams show some interesting things when you take a closer look. The first is that there is a windshield wiper in the center of the windshield, attached to a horizontal bar of some kind below the windshield. This implies some kind of device that the wiper is attached to that controls it and could store the wiper away.

This features a linear actuator installed at the bottom of the windshield, along which a box moves back and forth like a magnetic train. The only question I have is how durable and long-lasting are the magnets? If they are the primary source of movement, will they wear out quickly?

Tesla has further details in its diagrams and says that there is a low friction setup that is more Energy efficient and less susceptible to wear and tear and corrosion than an electric motor. The arm is attached to the block along with a magnetic rotational actuator that can sweep it as the block moves its base.

Lastly, according to the patent, this setup allows for more coverage of the glass on the windshield and can also keep the blade better attached to the surface, especially if it is a curve. This can also provide for the wiper to be parked horizontally and hidden under the hood when not in use for improved aerodynamics.

I want to see Tesla demonstrate this windshield wiper - this is very interesting technology. What do you think of the magnetic windshield wiper?

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Image Credit, Tesla, Screenshot

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