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Tesla Drag Strip Mode: Using Cheetah Stance For a Burst of Acceleration

Tesla released a video showing off its drag strip mode. It's like a cheetah getting ready to do a sprint. Here's how it works.

Tesla Drag Strip Mode

Tesla has released a video showing its drag strip mode. What is this feature?

First, you can hear the coolant fans in the background cooling the drive units in the background. This is because they make the most power when they are coolest.

In addition, the battery pack is warmed up to get into its optimal range for performance.

Then, when you get to the line to accelerate from, the car gets into cheetah stance, where you hold your foot on the break and get ready to press the accelerator pedal. The car will enter a launch mode where it squats, and the front will lower.

This preloads the car low and will improve the traction of the car while accelerating forward. The front lowering down gives the car better acceleration because it won't lift as much when doing that initial burst.

This gives you the best 0 to 60 mph time you can get. In this video, Tesla shows a Model S Plaid accelerating on a racetrack. Tesla vehicles are being used to race, and there are many videos of a Tesla Model S or Model X Plaid winning a drag race.

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What Others Say About Drag Strip Mode

It was funny to hear the Tesla driver say gas pedal in the video and not accelerator pedal. He probably isn't used to driving an EV. The Model S Plaid is an extremely fast accelerating car, with a 0 to 60 mph time at around 1.99 seconds.

There are many videos of people experiencing a launch in a Tesla Model S Plaid, and it's like a rapid roller coaster moving forward. Don't take my word for it though, here are some of the comments on the YouTube video:

"Love my plaid!! It's like having a personal rollercoaster on demand"

"I've had the pleasure of driving a Plaid and launching it in this mode. I can't begin to tell you how powerful and exhilarating the acceleration is"

"The speed with which it exists a still frame might be the best representation I've seen of how fast Plaid is"

"Incredible performance. It has to be felt to be believed!"

These are the kind of comments that a high performing car like the Tesla Model S Plaid gets. Electric acceleration gives you that instant torque from the battery and three motors.

The cheetah stance is like the vehicle squatting down - like a cheetah getting ready to sprint, in order to get the fastest burst of acceleration that it can get.

What do you think of drag strip mode in the Tesla Model S Plaid? Would you get this vehicle?

See this video from Tesla for more:

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