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Tesla Makes a Forward Move, Reveals Cybertruck Delivery Details. What To Expect Now

We now know when the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event will take place and at what time. Here's what to expect during the event.

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Upcoming Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event

We just got word from Marin Viecha via that the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event will take place this Thursday, November 30th, and that it will start at 2:00 PM Central time (Austin, TX).

This means that it will take place at 1:00 PM MST and 12:00 PM PST. For those on the eastern side of the U.S., the time will be 3:00 PM EST.

This is a bit unusual for Tesla to do a daytime event. In fact, I can't remember the last time there was a daytime event for anything Tesla did - except their earnings calls.

Still, we now know when the event is going to take place, and I am gearing up to watch it and see what Tesla actually presents compared to all the predictions that have been made.

I'm most interested in seeing the range, performance, and price of the various specs like the single, dual, and tri motor variants. I did my own prediction of the prices of those variants and want to see how close I am to what Tesla actually shows.

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What To Expect

I expect that we'll see some kind of drive up by Elon Musk in a Cybertruck and that he will step up and kind of wave his arms to everyone while making a joke about something.

If you watched the Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event, you should expect a similar format here, but there will be some differences too. I think we'll see people sitting in the Cybertruck after the event sharing video and pictures as well as what will probably be an epic sound system.

That's something I don't think many people have focused on, but the Cybertruck should have an epic sound system that is at least as good as the best Tesla vehicles, like the Tesla Model S Plaid. I think we'll see the "beast mode" Cybertruck match or exceed that sound system.

Tesla will reveal the specs, price, performance, and range of the Cybertruck. There will also be a demonstration via video showing just how safe the Cybertruck is and show off the stainless steel exoskeleton, which has deflected an arrow from a compound bow and the Cybertruck stainless steel exoskeleton can withstand bullets.

I think we'll also see some crash testing and some surprise demonstrations that nobody has thought of.

I expect to hear about the price and range last after all the demonstrations show how cool the Cybertruck is. You can see what the range could be of the dual-motor variant from some leaked UI screenshots, but Tesla will give us the real answer this Thursday.

You can watch the Cybertruck delivery event on the Tesla account or the Tesla YouTube channel. There will also be a variety of accounts that are streaming the Cybertruck delivery event on their YouTube channel. Here is a link to all of them.

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What do you think about the Cybertruck delivery event coming up? Are you as excited about it as I am?

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