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The Tesla Cybertruck Is Currently Breaking the Internet: Multi-Millions of Video Views In Just a Few Days

The Tesla Cybertruck is currently breaking the internet. Video reviews about the Cybertruck are getting millions of views, showing that there is great interest in the Cybertruck.

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Tesla Cybertruck - It's Breaking the Internet

The Tesla Cybertruck is currently breaking the internet, and the way it is doing this is with millions of views in just a few days after the official delivery event kicked off. We have four of the many videos about the Cybertruck here for you to look at, and we'll discuss everything that is causing this frenzy of interest.

Many were disappointed in the final specs of the Cybertruck. The prices are higher than what was unveiled 4 years ago and the specs are less in terms of range.

For instance, the trimotor or Cyberbeast version was said to have 500 miles of range back in 2019 and would cost $69,900. This is no longer the case and the range for it is, instead, 320 miles, and it costs $99,900. That is a big difference.

However, there is a range extender that helps alleviate the lesser range, even if it should go under the truck bend instead of on top of it.

The Cybertruck also has a 48-volt architecture, which simplifies the wiring inside it and allows for steering all 4 wheels at once. Tesla also sent a guide on 48-volt architecture to its competitors to help speed them along and show their urgency for innovation.

Once you get past the specs and range, the complaints stop there, and the Cybertruck is praised as being a cutting edge, technological, and a unique innovation in electric pickup trucks.

The first video that has over 10 million views at the time of writing this article is from Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD. He goes over many things about the Cybertruck and says that the 4-wheel steering is the most impressive thing about it - even more than the bulletproof steel exoskeleton.

There was a recent CGI video made of Tesla Bots doing bulletproof testing on the Cybertruck, which Elon Musk said might be possible next year in 2024.

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More Cybertruck Videos

The next video is from Top Gear and has over 2.2 million views. This video goes over the specs of the truck, the bulletproof steel exoskeleton (making it an excellent police car in my opinion), the driving and handling, the user interface, and the exterior. Their final verdict is that the Cybertruck is a good truck and has a good load area. They didn't like how it handled at low speeds, but liked it much better at high speeds.

Top Gear also says that the stainless steel panels are not like normal car panels. You have to get used to how they reflect light and the sharp edges of the Cybertruck.

The next video was from carwow, and has over 2.7 million views. This video showed off the Cybertruck beating multiple vehicles in drag races, such as a Hummer EV and a Rivian, showing it as the fastest production pickup truck ever made.

The Cyberbeast version of the Cybertruck was raced against numerous vehicles and was victorious every time.

In Other Tesla News: Tesla sends its competitors free guide on 48-volt architecture as it flexes technology muscles

Lastly, there is another video from carwow, with over 3.1 million views going over the entire Cybertruck experience and not just drag races.

They were at the Cybertruck delivery event live and looked at the specific details of the car. They didn't like that you could hit your head on the ceiling glass when off-roading. Carwow liked the responsive UI from the two screens, as well as the room in the back of the truck for 3 adults to comfortably sit.

At the end of the video, the folks from carwow ordered a Cybertruck (the Cyberbeast version).

As a bonus, 5th video, Hagerty did a very popular video about the Tesla Cybertruck. In the video, he laughs a lot while beating other vehicles in drag races.

He also shows hitting the stainless steel exoskeleton with a hammer, does some crash testing, and overall, has a very exhaustive review. This is the video you want to watch if you want the most depth.

This is the video where Hagerty said that Tesla had had enough and sent the 48-volt architecture guide free of charge to other auto CEOs to see if they would accelerate technologically development.

The 48-volt architecture is what enables steer-by-white and turning all 4 wheels. The steering wheel has no actual connection to the front tires like all other cars do.

There are so many videos being made about the Cybertruck, and I think that this will continue for quite some time. For instance, there's a company that is offering armored add-ons for the Cybertruck like bumpers, fenders, and siding that is very resistant against damage. This will further enhance the Cybertruck and make it the ultimate police force vehicle.

What do you think about all the interest in the Cybertruck? Is this something that will be short-lived, or will it continue on for a long time?

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