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The Latest Model Y Has a Secret: It's Not About the Price

We have a review of the Tesla Model Y with a secret about the 2023 version compared to the 2022 version.


The Tesla Model Y 2022

Toward the end of 2022, a user purchased a Model Y. Tesla is known not to update their vehicles too much between years, but they do make many incremental improvements to their vehicles, and the 2022 Model Y vehicles have something that the 2023 version of the Model Y does not have. More on that in a moment.

The Model Y is compact while still providing great space inside and with the trunk and frunk. It's a fully electric vehicle that you can charge at home and charge at Tesla Superchargers. You can set it to charge on off-peak hours for a less cost, from about 11pm to 7am.

When InsideEVs tested the Model Y long range, they got about 276 miles of real range. This is less than its EPA range. Many things can affect real world range including weather, aggressive driving, and running climate controls.

The Model Y is a top safety pick and ranked 5 stars in safety from NHTSA. European testing also showed it to be one of the safest vehicles in the world.

The standard layout of the Model Y is 5 seats, and you can upgrade to a 7 seater. The 7 seat layout has small back seats. There are 8 cameras all around the car which allow the vehicle to see and run Autopilot and FSD. The 2023 Model y uses vision only. Park assist now uses that vision only, and a future update is coming for that.

It has two comfortable front seats and 3 in the back. There is a lot of room inside and the roof covers the whole car as glass. The interior holds up pretty well as long as you just wipe down with baby wipes occasionally.

There is a lot of space in the trunk to fit stuff, especially if you fold down the back seats.

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The Secret of the 2022 -vs- 2023 Model Y

The secret about the 2023 Model Y compared to the 2022 Model Y and only real difference is that there are no ultrasonic sensors on the 2023 Model Y. This makes park assist is not able to be used until a software update to the vision enables it.

You can create a driver profile, which will save the steering wheel, the seat, and the mirror positioning. Just select your profile and it will adjust. It can save your other accounts like Spotify as well.

There is a visual display of the vehicle on the left of the center screen, with the maps display on the right. You can also see all options from the center screen with music controls. The blind spot camera images show up when changing lanes.

Tesla has updated the Model Y software a lot, and usually it fixes things. The screen can get full if you have music, the car display, and the maps all running. The Model Y beats all others with maps and knowing where Supercharger stations are.

There are some things worth mentioning, such as the screen options. Windshield wiper options are on the center screen. About 75% of the time, the auto wipers work. Sometimes they go off when they don't need to.

Climate controls are also controlled from the screen. These can be saved from your driver profile. You can also control headlights from the stalks by the steering wheel - or use the center screen. The auto bright lights can have issues.

The Model Y is a simple and spacious vehicle. It's a luxury vehicle with a wheel and a screen. Driving it is a nice perk of it. It's zippy at a 0-60 mph of 4.8 seconds. It also has a great ride quality. Older Model Y vehicles don't ride as well, and the newer Model Y vehicles have much better suspension.

Regenerative braking also allows for one pedal driving. You can simply release the accelerator to slow down and put Energy back into the battery. This helps extend the range of the vehicle. The turn radius could be improved as well.

The sound system is Tesla's own system and is surprising with how great it sounds. It's one of the best sound systems you can find in any vehicle.

What do you think of the Model Y? Should Tesla have removed ultrasonic sensors?

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Greg g (not verified)    February 19, 2023 - 10:25AM

Wow. Talk about glossing over the impact of camera only vs USS. I got model y in dec 2022 and it is a major disappointment. There are basically no safety features that function with cameras only. I had a 2017 Bolt which was much safer to drive than this overhyped, overpriced model. Waited a long time to get this and it was not worth it.

Michael Boscoe (not verified)    February 24, 2023 - 8:18AM

Has the author actually ever driven a model Y? This review has zero value. Removal of parking sensors not commented upon, suspension is awful on the models built in China, build quality still poor. No sign of Tesla vision ever coming and no retrograde fits when HW4 is released.