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How To Get Free Charging For Your Tesla - Or Any Other EV

Are you ready to get free charging for your Tesla or any other EV without breaking the bank? Here's how you do it.

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Are you ready to discover the secret to fueling up your Tesla or any other electric vehicle without spending a dime? Brace yourself for a game-changer – this article unveils the insider tips to charge your EV completely free of charge.

Take a look at the snapshot above, showcasing a Tesla Model 3 RWD happily charging at a Harmon's grocery store. The best part? The power flowing into the vehicle comes with a price tag of zero.

— Jeremy Noel Johnson (@AGuyOnlineHere) November 30, 2023

Equipped with Tesla's CCS adapter, I've tapped into the fast-charging CCS station, transforming my battery from 42% to 100% in just under an hour. And, it's not just Teslas; these charging stations host an array of EVs, including those using CHAdeMO and L2 stations providing 7 kW charging (approximately 30 miles per hour).

Charging your Tesla for free becomes a breeze, but there's a catch – always check the charging location's website for any specified time limits. Despite Harmon's suggestion of a 2-hour cap, exceeding it occasionally hasn't resulted in tickets or eviction from the charging spot.

For a failsafe strategy, I opt for the CCS charging station, ensuring a speedy charge well within the time limits, even from 0% to 100%.

Unveiling the Free Charging Map

Ready to embark on your free charging adventure? Navigate the charging landscape effortlessly with apps like "EV Structure" and "EV Gateway" (powered by EV Structure). With a Google Maps-like interface, these apps display charging stations in your vicinity.

In my Utah location, the EV Structure app is a go-to, but you might also explore the EV Gateway app. A simple tap on the circles reveals whether a charging station is free or comes with a cost. Keep in mind, while free stations may lack the reliability of Tesla Superchargers, they offer a cost-efficient alternative.

Tip: Have you heard about the cutting-edge Tesla V4 Superchargers with immersion cooling? Elon Musk hints at exciting developments.

ChargePoint: Your Gateway to Effortless Free Charging

Another invaluable tool in your quest for free power is the ChargePoint app. Connecting to any ChargePoint station, whether paid or free, becomes a seamless process with a linked card. The user-friendly interface, akin to Google Maps, lets you identify and charge at free stations with ease.

Near my residence, a set of ChargePoint chargers offers free charging on weekends, where patrons generally aren't working, freeing up the charging stations, presenting a convenient and currently cost-free solution.

Reminder: For Tesla owners, the J1772 charging adapter is essential for Level 2 charging stations, while the CCS adapter unlocks Level 1 stations.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring More Free Charging Opportunities

Beyond EV Structure and ChargePoint, explore other apps tailored to your location – varying by state or country. A user-friendly interface similar to Google Maps facilitates effortless navigation to locate free charging stations.

Free charging hotspots are commonly found at grocery stores, movie theaters, malls, parks, and business locations where building rentals include this attractive perk. Some companies, especially in the tech sector, even provide free EV charging as a workplace benefit.

I haven't paid for charging my Tesla in over a year, relying solely on these strategic approaches. Can you manage a Tesla without home charging, and have you discovered additional avenues for free charging?

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Image Credit, My Own Tesla Model 3 RWD Picture Taken By Me, Screenshot

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