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This Cybertruck Camper Add-On Is Engineering Brilliance

We see a vide of a Cybertruck camper that is brilliantly designed.

Cybertruck Camper - Brilliant Engineering

The Space Camper is an add-on for the Tesla Cybertruck. It is an engineering marvel, and here is why.

The Space Camper simply drops onto the bed of the Cybertruck, following its aero-dynamic design. It fits like a puzzle piece and will attach with just a few clamps. It is meant to come with you in your day-to-day use and will have a minimal effect on your truck's range.

The Space Camper will double your secure storage space with full access to your truck bed with no modifications to your Cybertruck required.

The Cybertruck's onboard air compressor is utilized, and all safety is taken into account. There is a big bed that is 6'8'' long. There are reading lights attached to the roof, and the bed folds up easily for 8 feet of standing room.

The Space Camper has multiple functions for each part of the camper. A mobile office can be setup by simply folding the bed up and folding out benches.

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Other Features of the Cybertruck Camper

You can also sleep with the camper closed in the bottom of the Cybertruck bed. It's very easy to add on accessories as well. There is a drop in sink and stove. You could also move the kitchen outside with a trailer hitch accessory.

There is a detached table and chairs and benches that can be used to eat outside. There is a rechargeable movie accessory that can be viewed inside or outside.

The Space Camper has a mode called stargazing mode. You can also have multiple solar panels attached to the Cybertruck as well. There is an L Track accessory that works with any rack on the market - there are many different things that can be mounted.

It has a 220 volt tankless water heater that mounts inside the camper and gives you instant hot water inside a shower compartment. The design has several simple and reliable mechanisms that make it last.

There is automatic locking and unlocking of the camper. The base model comes in black, but can be upgraded to stainless steel for heat shielding and increased durability. Custom embossing will also be an option to make a camper your own.

What do you think of the Space Camper? Is this something you would get for your Cybertruck?

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