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2023 Ford Lightning Heading to The Dealership for Repairs…Already

An experienced Ford expert mechanic is sending his recently purchased new 2023 Ford Lightning with only 900 miles on it back to the dealership for repairs. Here’s why.


The new Ford Lighting is continuing to go through its growing pains as evidenced by a recent video release on the Ford Tech Makuloco channel where the host shares with viewers that his 2023 model is headed for repairs to the dealership for recall/warranty-related work concerning his truck’s EV battery.

A Troubled History

Earlier we had learned that while the Ford Lightning is an exciting new addition to the Ford truck lineup with this electric model, performance has proved to be disappointing. Especially when it was pitted earlier in a real-world side-by-side road test comparison that also illustrated some of the modern towing features in today’s trucks.

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The overall view of the road test is that it showed the practical challenges of towing with an electric truck that are definitely worth considering before deciding to go forward with an electric truck buying decision.

Today, however, we are given an overview by the host of what it has been like owning a 2023 Ford Lightning (fitted with an extended range battery pack) as a type of quality control report on what he has discovered as an owner thus far after only approximately 900 miles.

In the video he talks about issues concerning him as an owner involving the lithium-ion battery pack that is under recall alert 23B57---a high voltage battery module replacement and/or battery energy control module software update. Despite the recall alert description, according to the host---his truck is scheduled to get a total battery replacement.

This is following an earlier recall alert 23S30 concerning a rear lightbar cracking from either normal driving and/or tailgate slamming that could allow water to leak in and accumulate causing expensive electrical problems not unlike problems we learned in an earlier Ford truck article. In addition, even earlier reports about the Lighting revealed that potential battery fires could happen when the vehicle’s high voltage battery is at a high state of charge that could induce a short and subsequent fire emergency.

There’s More Than Just Battery Problems

Follow along with this host as he does a walk-around discussing his truck before it heads to the dealership and discover what other issues the host has with his truck that he says never should have left the manufacturing plant or dealership before selling it to him…despite the fact that he loves the truck!

New 2023 Ford Lightning Initial Quality Report: Heading to The Dealership for Repairs Already!

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