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The Old Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Went Out Without A Whimper, A New One Will Come In With A Bang

When will Subaru offer a Crosstrek Hybrid again? Subaru's CEO says the new model is coming soon. See when it's coming for U.S. customers.

When Subaru discontinued the Crosstrek Plug-In Hybrid, it went away without much of a whimper. The Crosstrek PHEV was overpriced and had only 17 miles of electric range. Subaru only sold it in limited markets, so it was not missed. 

The last Crosstrek Hybrid was produced in Japan as a 2023 model year. Did you miss the Crosstrek Hybrid this year? I know I didn't. The new Crosstrek Wilderness is the new trim level that stole the show this year. But reports say a new 2026 Crosstrek Hybrid is coming, and it will come in with a bang. 

Subaru of America will offer another Crosstrek Hybrid, but when?

I wonder if Subaru Corporation's President and CEO, Atsushi Osaki, let the new Crosstrek Hybrid information slip in the recent fiscal year-end financial report meeting to reporters or if it was by design. Automotive News (by subscription) reports Osaki said, "While we have steered toward EVs, we find it important to sell internal combustion products simultaneously. So we already have plans to expand our hybrid product lineup."

Osaki went on to say they are building three new EVs with Toyota. That was the big news. But he also talked about the all-new Forester Hybrid and additional hybrid models. "As a bridge to that new EV lineup, Subaru will deploy its next-generation hybrid system to its Crosstrek crossover in addition to the popular Forester," he said. 

This is the first news I've seen from Subaru that it will launch the Crosstrek Hybrid after the next-generation Forester Hybrid. It would make sense. The Crosstrek would be an ideal model to offer Hybrid technology, but it needs to be much better than the previous generation Crosstrek PHEV.

The Next-Generation Subaru Hybrid System

Subaru President and CEO Osaki said that the Crosstrek and Forester will get the "next-generation hybrid system." We know it will come from Toyota. But will it be a traditional Hybrid or Plug-In Hybrid technology? That's the question now. 

I would say the new Crosstrek and Forester next-generation Hybrids will benefit significantly because they will use Toyota technology. Toyota has an excellent Hybrid system, and Subaru has the advantage of years of expertise to draw on. 

Will Subaru use Toyota's Plug-In Hybrid or conventional Hybrid technology? 

We will know when it arrives next spring in the all-new Forester Hybrid. Subaru will likely make the official announcement late this year. Stay tuned. 

The New Crosstrek Hybrid Will Likely Be Built In Indiana

The most significant revelation from Osaki is that the next-generation Forester and all-new Forester Hybrid will now be built in Lafayette, Indiana. Automotive News reports, "To better supply the Forester – the brand's bestselling nameplate in the U.S. – Subaru will add production of both the hybrid version and the gasoline version at the company's Indiana factory."

When Will Subaru Launch The New Crosstrek Hybrid?

"Localized U.S. production of the next-generation hybrid system will start around 2026," the report said. I would say Subaru will launch the new Crosstrek Hybrid in the 2026 model year when it gets a refresh. I suspect the Crosstrek Hybrid will also be manufactured by Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) along with the Forester Hybrid.

I contacted SIA and Scott Brand, President and Chief Operating Officer of Subaru of Indiana Automotive, where the Crosstrek Sport, Limited, and Wilderness trims are currently built. He gave me this statement.

"We're excited about Subaru Corporation's decision to build the Forester at our facility. Once again, they've demonstrated their confidence in our associates to build the company's most popular models. We take pride in these opportunities to remain a key contributor to the brand's continued success."

I came away from the announcement encouraged that the Crosstrek Hybrid will be coming soon and will likely be built in the U.S. factory along with the Forester Hybrid. Customers in North America will now benefit from having its two most popular models built in Lafayette, Indiana. It was a smart move by Subaru Corporation. 

Both will get the next-generation hybrid system being developed now. 

Subaru has been keeping a keen eye on the hot hybrid SUV trend in the U.S. market, which they will take advantage of first with Forester and next with Crosstrek. I suspect the Outback midsize SUV Hybrid will soon follow. Stay tuned. 

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Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid story. See you tomorrow for my latest Subaru Report.

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Barry J Smith (not verified)    May 16, 2024 - 11:31AM

About time they figured out building the Forester in the USA made sense. I do think it is more about making sure they are not faced with crazy tariffs, especially if trump and his minions are elected. Now with all that said, I'm reading about another class action against Subaru for battery failures. This is getting old. Class action lawsuits after class action lawsuit etc. More then any other manufactuer. I'm losing confidence in Subaru, although I would buy a new Forester, I'm scared of what is next in poor manufacturing.

Doug Toth (not verified)    May 16, 2024 - 2:06PM

So long as Subaru won't sell or allow the servicing of hybrid vehicles in all states, I will look to other manufacturers that make AWD hybrids with sufficient road clearance for pot holes.

Z1az (not verified)    May 18, 2024 - 8:52AM

Wake up Subaru, Toyota has hit a home run with the 2025 Camry (though crash results haven't been released yet). That's because they listened to customers and even the base model offers compelling value with mileage, HP, AWD options etc. Subarus hybrids should offer compelling value , certainly not $40,000 for a 17 EV mile plug in