Two Ford Dealerships Attempt to Scam Ford Enthusiast
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Why Ford Customers Don’t Trust Ford Dealerships to Fix Their Cars

Here is the latest by an experienced independent Ford mechanic on why Ford customers are learning not to trust Ford dealerships to service or repair their vehicles.

It’s Matter of Trust and Distrust

Do vehicle owners tend to trust the dealerships they bought their car or truck from to provide only the best care and service possible to ensure continued customer loyalty? Many of us do. However, in some cases this is a mistake.

Today, we will learn from a recent FordTechMakaluco YouTube channel episode, in which an experienced Ford mechanic---disgusted by how dealership service centers are treating their customers---reveals to viewers a real-world example of a beautiful 2017 Ford Explorer that has obviously had immaculate care from its owner…but not so much by Ford service department mechanics.

What makes the story even more remarkable is that not just one, but two separate Ford dealership service centers worked sequentially on this beloved truck attempting to swindle its owner out of thousands of dollars in service and repairs---that did not really happen.

In the video, we will discover ways that some dealership service centers learn to cut corners and fraudulently charge their customers with bogus repairs using tactics liked canned sealants to fake a repair when a vehicle is still under warranty.

That said, here is the video in its entirety that serves as a good lesson on how a good mechanic can catch another mechanic’s scams.

Hey Ford! This is Why Your Customers Don't Trust Ford Dealerships to Fix Their Cars!

And finally…

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The Ford dealer where I live wants to charge me $2,000 to fix and install a leaking ptu or power trans unit. Discovered after a oil change. Do that sound right. They claim the part cost $1,100 and the labors about $900.00 .