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Ford Lightning EV Winter Disaster You May Want to Avoid

Here’s a recent take by a Ford F-150 Lightning EV owner on why it is a winter disaster compared to non-EV models that you may want to avoid. Plus, find out why you might also be better off waiting a little while longer and saving for a GM model that is predicted to be the EV truck of tomorrow that the Ford Lighting is not today.

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What It’s Like Driving a Lightning in Winter?
Thinking about going ahead and ordering to buy that Ford Lightning at a cost well above its MSRP? You just might want to reconsider that thought after discovering why it is proving to be a disappointing winter disaster.

Right now, potential Ford F-150 Lightning owners are looking at prices well over MSRP and an expected long waiting time…unless…unless some fortunate used truck shopper finds one that has been recently let go by its original owner.

Wait! WHAT! Why would someone give up their highly desired EV truck? In a nutshell: Driving one in the winter unloaded is like towing with one in the summer---your EV battery range is going to take a nosedive.

That was the message in a recent Hoovie’s Garage YouTube channel episode where the host demonstrates just how big of a problem---if not an inconvenience at the very least--- it is, owning a Ford Lighting during the wintertime. More specifically, EV range numbers decreasing by as much as one-half in weather conditions barely hovering around freezing temps.

Letting It Go
In this episode, Hoovie reveals one of the reasons why he is letting his Ford Lightning go as he does a show and tell of actual road test conditions under (mild) winter conditions that you can expect with owning one and why Ford’s winter recommendations are really not of much help or are impractical for EV truck owners.

Beyond the sad state of EV battery affairs, the good news is that there is hope over the horizon as Hoovie does a brief show and tell of the new EV Hummer and why he believes that GM’s foray into EV trucks with this seemingly ludicrous model is the gateway to better EV trucks by GM that will not only be affordable---but are expected to outperform the current Ford Lighting.

That said, follow along with Hoovie as he shows how much his Lightning’s road range drops while on a short trip and pay attention to his opinion of what the EV Hummer may foretell of the future of EV trucks.

I SOLD my Ford Lightning EV because WINTER battery performance was a DISASTER (Range almost HALVED)

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

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